Tuesday, February 22, 2005


I haven’t been the best at posting lately. Part of the reason is because I’ve been so busy, but at the same time, there just hasn’t been much to post. So for the sake of not neglecting my blog, here are some recent “happenings”.

Saturday I went shopping with my friend Jenn. I hadn’t been “shopping” in quite a while, so it was fun. We started pretty early and I’ve decided that I like that mall at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday. There’s no one there. It made it so much more pleasant. And I must say we accomplished quite a bit. I managed to find a pair of jeans that fit, and some other really great deals. Jenn though was the QUEEN of bargain shopping. I was quite impressed at how much she came away with for under $100. I’m looking forward to a repeat shopping spree (if Cory will ever let her shop with me again.)

Since Grant asked on Sunday, I thought I would give an update on Valentine’s Day. I survived. Actually, it wasn’t as stressful as I thought it was going to be. Because he was going to have to work late on Monday, we went to dinner on Saturday and then went to a movie on Monday (which guys, I highly recommend Hitch as a date movie if you haven’t seen it. We both actually enjoyed it). So I’m sure some of you are wondering why I was dreading V-Day so much. Well, when you’ve only been dating someone for five weeks and you’re taking things really slow, V-Day can cause some anxiety. But it went fairly smoothly (despite my cookie making fiasco) and there are no more major “holidays” until his birthday in May (granted we last that long).

I have officially decided that you really get the short end of the stick if you work in my office and you’re healthy, single and without children. It dawned on my yesterday that I only took 3 sick days all last year. My female co-workers on the other hand… Well if you consider the days they take off for themselves being sick (which is quite a few I’m noticing) and the days they take off when their children are sick it adds up. I’m thinking I deserve some sort of compensation for being healthy and without kids. I don’t see that happening though. But it really stinks. I also realized the other day that I’m the ONLY one taking comp time or working through lunch when I have doctor’s appointments to make the time up. I’m starting to wonder why I’m doing this if no one else is. Hmm…

Finally, I saw a robin yesterday. For those of you that are saying “so?” it means that spring is just around the corner. I’m really excited. I really like spring (despite the number it does on my allergies). I like fall too, but when I think about it, spring is my favorite. Why? Let me list them for you:

1) Warmer weather. I’m not a cold weather girl. Fall is the coldest I want it to get and by time Christmas is over, I’m done with winter.

2) Thunderstorms. Spring is thunderstorm season. I love thunderstorms. Actually I just like storms. There’s nothing better than going to sleep to the sound of thunder and rain.

3) Flowers, especially tulips. I’m really hoping my tulips and daffodils will bloom this year. They come up every year, but last year was the first time they bloomed (and it was only one pathetic bloom each). I need to go out and cover my daffodils before the cold weather hits later this week.

4) Longer days. I’m ready for a little more daylight.

5) The hammock. My hammock is my favorite thing in the world and I love it when “hammock season” begins.

6) Color. There are so many colors in spring with everything turning green and blooming. I like fall for the same reason (more colors).

7) Sandals. I LOVE sandals. They don’t require socks, can be put on quickly and don’t take up much room in the suitcase.

So let’s just say YEAH FOR SPRING!


Karen said...

Who's the mystery person you are dating?

lindsy said...

Yea Stacey who is this mystery guy..j/k glad everything worked out!

Eric said...

hope you had your windows open last night so that you could enjoy #2!

Stacey said...

Because of where my windows are, I never open them (not even the blinds) but I did enjoy the thunder last night.