Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Someone Thinks They Are SOOO Funny

I don’t know if I ever actually wrote about this, but approximately a year ago, I started getting Men’s Vogue in my mailbox. At first I thought it was a trial offer, but I kept getting it every month. Since I have a hard enough time reading the magazines I do get, I would just throw it away…mainly because I didn’t feel like spending the time trying to get off the list. The trash can was faster.

Well, today I check my hotmail and I have an email telling my by preferred member subscription is about to expire. Funny that I was a preferred member since I never signed up for it in the first place. And since there aren’t a lot of people out there who have my hotmail address, I’m curious who played such a prank (and thank you for not using my work address). I’m sure I had it coming because I helped a co-worker play similar prank on a college friend of ours (Jim, was this your doing?).

Now the question is, why Men’s Vogue? Maybe my mom did it during one of her sleep walking (or sleep web-surfing) episodes. Hmmm…

Random Stuff

Mystery Dinner
Earlier in the week, I noticed I had a container of frozen soup in my deep freeze, so I decided to heat it up for dinner last night. It was raining and it was a little chilly outside. Perfect soup weather. Thing was, I didn’t exactly know what kind of soup it was. I wasn’t sure if it was chili or beef stew…either way, it worked. So I proceeded to heat it up in the microwave. When I took it out, it looked more like chili, but it smelled funny (not bad funny, just not like chili funny). So I took a bite. It wasn’t chili. It was spaghetti sauce! Not really what I expected. So instead of chili for dinner, I had spaghetti. Good thing I had spaghetti noodles on hand.

The Less Likely Option
As some of you know, my roommate will be getting married very soon and I have yet to find a replacement for her. It probably wouldn’t be so bad, but I have a furnace that could go out at anytime, so any additional help with expenses is quite appreciated at this time. So, I’ve decided at this point that at least one of four possible scenarios needs to take place in the next 30 days (preferably less):
- Find a new roommate (ideal for more than just financial reasons).
- Find an enjoyable part-time job (if I’m going to be working that much, I want to not dread it).
- Be tonight’s Deal or No Deal’s lucky $1,000,000 play at home winner (not holding my breath).
- Get married.
Of all of these options, marriage is definitely the least likely to take place. My mom thinks ruling out marriage in less than 30 days is a pessimistic attitude, but I’m not exactly the type to jump into something like that, though I guess I could always change my mind. =o)

I Hate it When I Do That!
This weekend I decided to rent two movies to watch since I had no other plans. I rented You Me & Dupree which was better than I expected and Vacancy. I knew Vacancy would be scary, but with Luke Wilson in it, how scary could it really be? Well, I couldn't tell you the answer to that. I decided to watch it Saturday afternoon so that I would have time to watch something else and get my mind off of it before I went to bed. I got 30 minutes into it and started to psych myself out thinking "what if it's scarier than I think because I'm home alone this weekend." Needless to say, I turned it off and ended up having to return it before I found someone to watch it with me. That's the funny thing...I like scary movies, I have just discovered that I don't like watching them by myself. There was $4 wasted. =o(

On a Serious Note…
I’ve actually been thinking about this a lot this last year, but something I heard on TV this morning has me thinking about it more in-depth again. How is it that multiple people can hear the exact same conversation and pull totally different meanings out of it? I’m constantly amazed how people can get bent out of shape over something they really shouldn’t be that upset about? To me it seems that person or group (and let me clarify…I’m sure I’ve been guilty of this myself in the past) is already sensitive towards the person speaking or about the particular subject matter and reads into it what they want (or technically don’t want) to hear. What ever happened to taking things with a grain of salt or being quick to listen and slow to speak? I don’t know. Why can’t we just all get along or at the very least agree to disagree?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Guess it's Time I Admit It

I've never really fessed up to it...maybe I didn't want to believe it, but there is no denying it anymore. I have become a TV Junkie. What can I say, it's a cheap form of entertainment. I never really thought I was that big of a TV Junkie until this summer when I had nothing to watch on TV in the evenings. To save money, I cut back my cable to the very basic, which doesn't leave you with a lot of channels to choose from. TV pick'ins were slim. But last night was the night I had been waiting for all summer long...the beginning of Premier Week!!! I'm disappointed that Crossing Jordan didn't return, but that's okay because I have added Dancing with the Stars to my viewing schedule. My VCR is primed and ready to pick up the slack if I'm not home or am interupted during a show. Yes, sad to say...I have become a TV Junkie, but I'm balancing it out by reading during the open time slots. =o)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

What Does It Take for a Girl to Get Some Flowers?

Obviously, for me it requires the building manager to decide to take out some rose bushes. Some of our rose bushes at work had become overrun by a vine that was killing the bushes, so our building manager decided to rip out the bushes and start over. As a result they cut off all the existing roses and brought them into our office. So I currently have a vase of white roses on my desk.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Six Degrees of Separation

I intended to post this when it first occurred, but was really busy at the time and forgot, but I still think it’s interesting.

I’m sure most of you have heard of the Six Degrees of Separation theory which refers to the idea that, if a person is one "step" away from each person he or she knows and two "steps" away from each person who is known by one of the people he or she knows, then everyone is no more than six "steps" away from each person on Earth. Several studies, such as Milgram's small world experiment, have been conducted to empirically measure this connectedness. While the exact number of links between people differs depending on the population measured, it is generally found to be relatively small. Hence, six degrees of separation is somewhat synonymous with the idea of the "small world" phenomenon.

Well, it turns out I had less than six degrees of separation from the late Tammy Faye Bakker-Messner. No joke (though I’m sure there are more exciting people to have this kind of connection with, but oh well). Here is how I’m connected:

- Tammy Faye’s second husband was Roe Messner.
- Roe has an aunt named Julia.
- Julia is 1) a family friend that I attended church with as a child, 2) the great-aunt of a good friend/ex-boyfriend, and 3) the sister-in-law of my 3rd cousin.

Of course, I was not aware of this connection till after she died. The friend/ex-boyfriend’s grandmother made him aware of this connection. He had to call me right away to find out if I knew that we were inadvertently related to Tammy Faye (I did have to point out that it was less of a stretch to prove he was related to her than it was for me). I can’t believe she didn’t leave me anything in her will!!! :o)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fortune Revisited

So, I have down time at work again. I don’t like down time at work because it makes the days so slow. Today, I ran out of stuff to do a good hour before I could leave, so I decided to contemplate the items attached to my bulletin board next to my desk. I found the following on my bulletin board:

- A staff phone extension list,
- A cell phone listing
- A cell phone account grouping list (I keep up with our office cell phone accounts which I think it is cruel and unusual punishment to make someone spend so much time on hold trying to make changes to a cell phone account that isn’t even theirs.)
- A paper weight conversion chart
- Bulletin distribution list (that is extremely out of date)
- The label from a ream of paper so I’ll remember what kind I need to purchase next time
- A post it note with a drawing by a co-worker’s daughter when she learned to write her name
- Memos about network connections that I don’t even remember what they go to
- Address and phone number from a paper supplier
- IP addresses for everything under the sun
- A list of people who have a particular program loaded on their computer that 1) we don’t use anymore and 2) half the people don’t even work here any more.
- Names and phone numbers for people that I have no idea who they are anymore or why I have those numbers
- An office birthday list (which is also very outdated)
- A very old “to do” list
- A machine ID cheat sheet so that I don’t have to go look up the number every time I call for service
- And two note cards that I don’t even know what they say on the back or why I still have them (maybe I should read them).

But the most interesting is a slip of paper from a fortune cookie. I look at it every day, but hadn’t paid a lick of attention to what it actually says in who knows how long. So, looking for something to occupy some more of my time, I decided to read what was so important that I saved it on my bulletin board. It read:

“Good things come to those who wait. Be patient.”

Wow. That was definitely something I needed to be reminded of right now.

My life has been increasingly more difficult and frustrating the last couple of years. I’ve definitely been through worse, but there are some elements of the present circumstances that make them more difficult to accept. I’m not going to get into all of that, but I guess I just needed that little reminder to be patient. This too shall pass and I’ll have a whole new batch of challenges to over come. ;o)


I have dreamed about babies three times this week. They are never mine though. I've had dreams I was pregnant (and always trying to explain to people that I didn't do anything and don't know how I got pregnant), but I have never had dreams that I recall where babies were the focus? I looked it up today in an online dream bank, but it wasn't helpful (didn't seem applicable). At first I thought it was because Suzy's sister just had a baby (sometimes events from a day will show up in some form in my dreams), but it happened again last night...twice. It's probably just because everybody and their dog is pregnant right now. =o)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

There is a Very Good Reason for My Lack of Posting

I must apologize for not updating lately, but I have been Miss Cranky Pants lately and it wouldn’t make for conducive blogging. Here are the top 4 reasons I’ve been cranky…

#1 – Sick due to the current ragweed count. I just finished an allergy study today (which is part of the reason I’m sick due to lack of necessary preventative measures) so things should get better b/c I can start taking meds I know will work AND I’m $350 richer.

#2 – Major Burnout…I am in serious need of a job change (yes, I know I keep saying that, but nothing has panned out so far).

#3 – In serious need of some time off (I’ve finally found a way I can take the remainder of my vacation time, but I’m not scheduled for my first day off till the end of the month.)

#4 – Really tired of unsolicited advice/input from people lately on various circumstances that they know very little about. Trust me, if I want your advice, I’ll ask for it (and I don’t do that very often). Stop trying to fix something that ain’t broke, don't judge if you don't know the entire story, and don’t tell me to change something if you don’t have a PRACTICAL way for ME to do it. I would understand if I were doing something that might cause physical, emotional, or spiritual harm, but I'm not. Trust me, other than being annoyed, I'm good.

See, there is a reason why I haven’t posted in a while. =o)