Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Good Ol' Days

It's a little embarrassing to admit that I used to work here. The concept was good, but the minds behind it even eventually admitted that the building of Enterprise Square was more of a PR move and not much thought was given to renovations. When I started working there as a tour guide, it was in it's 11th year and already out of date. One of the displays mentioned "and one day people might even have computers in their homes." By this point, laptops had been on the market for a while. It's really sad actually that they were unable to keep up with the changing technology because I did actually learn something practical while working there.

As for this website, I have to admit, I find it humorous. BUT the copyright they have on the pictures is bogus. They did not take these pictures. Not exactly sure how they got their hands on them in the first place. The pictures were taken for a brochure we were producing and I was there helping the photographer the night we did the shoot. They did not take those pictures.

All in all, there were some fun times had at Enterprise Square (probably part of the reason why it closed).

Monday, January 29, 2007

I've Had Enough!

I’m tired of the cold weather.
Please bring me SPRING!!!
Seriously, I can’t take it anymore.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I Need an Intervention

I am starting to acknowledge that I have a problem. Possibly even an addiction, and if I'm not careful, it will become my demise. I seem to be developing an addiction to EBay...specifically and addiction to buying jeans on EBay.

It started when the seat ripped out of my favorite pair of jeans. Not wanting to pay full price for them in the store, I turned to EBay. In the last 3 weeks, I have bought 3 pairs of jeans. Two of them the same style as my favorite pair and one a very similar style. They all fit (the "similar style" is a little tight...but it's a feasible goal to fit into them before spring), BUT none of them as great as my favorite pair. And I haven't paid more than $18 for any one pair (got one pair for $9). Even as I speak...there is another pair up for auction, ending today, that I am so tempted to bid on, but I'm trying to fight the urge.

I wish I could say it's just jeans that I've bought lately. I also bought some prints for my bedroom (super cheap). But all of my "super great deals" are adding up. I have to stop the madness!!! But it's so addicting to find something for an awesome price, and then see how well you can out-smart the other bidders. I get excited just thinking about it.

I wonder if they offer an EBay Addiction support group at Celebrate Recovery?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Turning the Other Cheek

Sorry, this won't be an funny or entertaining post today - but instead a true confession. Don't like it, tough. It's my blog and I can be serious if I want to.

I’m having a hard time turning the other cheek lately. I’ve always been taught to treat others the way I wanted to be treated, so I often do things I really don’t want to do, just because it’s the “polite” thing to do. But I’m getting tired of having to be “polite” to people who treat me badly. I’m tired of doing things to “keep the peace” when I know that when these people are in my shoes, the same wouldn’t happen and my feelings wouldn’t even be considered. As much as I don’t WANT to do what is going to keep the peace right now, I also know that I probably will just because I’m wired that way. It's really annoying.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Mall Observations

Every smelled someone with BO so bad that it stays with you long after you have left their presence? Someone in the customer service line at Penny’s today had BO so bad that two hours later, I can still smell it. I would think it was me if I hadn’t started smelling it till I got there. I don’t know if it was the employee helping me or the woman next to me…but it was burn your nose like acid bad!!!

Speaking of the customer service guy, here is the most irritating experience so far today. I got some pillow shams for Christmas to go with the day bed cover my brother and sister-in-law got me for my spare room. When I opened one of the shams to iron it, I noticed it was coming apart, so I took it back to the store to return it. Would you believe that unless I had it delivered to the store, they were going to make me pay shipping AGAIN!?! It’s not like I changed my mind. The item was damaged. I think if anyone else had been helping me, I could have gotten around that, but it was very obvious by watching this man that he was really short tempered and I wasn’t going to get anywhere.

I did buy a dress today. I got an awesome deal…80% off by time it was all over. It was already 50% off plus I had and extra 30% store coupon. Jury is still out. I liked the dress from what I could tell in the dressing room, but dresses are hard for me to buy because it didn’t look quite right with my white legs and red and white socks. I’ll have to try it on as I would wear it out before I decide whether or not to keep it. I hope it works though…it has cuteness potential for spring.

Another mall observation. Have you ever seen a couple in the mall that just didn’t quite look like they went together? I noticed yet another one of those as I was walking through the mall. I see this guy and think “what in the world is he doing with her?” Of course I’m sure guys I’ve dated in the past have had the same thoughts directed at them. Can’t judge on appearances…but sometimes you still can’t help but wonder what attracted them to each other in the first place.

Look At Me, I'm an M&M

And I think my M&M has better hair than I do. You can be an M&M too by going here. Oh, by the way, her name is "The One, The Only Cupcake Supreme."

Thursday, January 18, 2007

New Experience

Today I went in for an adjustment on my teeth (I can pronounce it, just can’t spell it). They went in and filed down my teeth so that they would hit more even. As the doctor explained it, it’s like filing down the leg of a table so that the table won’t wobble. He said that by filing down my teeth in spots, it would make my teeth hit more even when I close my mouth and would take the stress of the muscles of my jaw (the reason behind this whole thing in the first place.)

To look at me, you can’t tell a difference. But when I eat, I can REALLY tell a difference. After so many years of your life (chances are the last 29 of mine) you get used to chewing a certain way and then all of a sudden, it’s different. My teeth touch together differently. It’s probably normal for most of you, but for me it’s a whole new experience.

The procedure itself wasn’t bad. No Novocain necessary. The sound of the drill and the tastes of my own teeth weren’t pleasant though. It was more annoying than anything. Oh, and his assistant today had never done one of these procedures before, so that slowed things down since he kept having to show her what he needed next and explain to her what he needed her to do. I have to go back in 2 weeks for a follow-up appointment and may need to have a little bit more filed down then (but I hope not).

On another note, have you ever had one of those projects that needs to be done, but its so mind numbing, that you just can't tolerate doing it another second, so you find yourself putting it off and finding other things to do (like post on your blog) just to avoid doing it. I have one of those at the moment. There is no "deadline" but it does need to be done "soon". I think I'll have a hard time getting inspired till I have an actual due date.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snow Days

Or shall I say “Ice Days”. At first I was loving that this unusual storm system brought us enough ice that I got over 1 ½ days off work and didn’t have to leave my house. But by yesterday, I had run out of supplies to finish any other projects around the house and was getting some serious cabin fever. The plus side to having to come in to work today was that I got out of the house. The down side is that I probably will not be able to get back into the garage till this melts off (which could be a while since my driveway doesn’t get a lot of direct sunlight. I have kitty litter for traction, but I’m not sure it’s going to do a lot of good. The driveway is so solid that our cars don’t even leave tracks. This is nuts.

So, while I was off, I accomplished the following:

-- Made pillow shams for bedroom (didn’t turn out half bad either)
-- Painted door frames in hallway and doors down stairs (this wasn’t the most productive since I painted the wrong side of one of the doors so the inside is white and the outside is brown instead of the other way around.)
-- Dusted and vacuumed the downstairs.
-- Finished taking down most of the red gingham stuff in my bedroom. The bulletin board is the only thing left and I’m putting that off because it’s going to be a pain in the butt.
-- Did some laundry.
-- Made porcupine meatballs (the hamburger was intended to be for the tacos I’m supposed to make Randy for helping pick up my new flooring…yes, I finally bought flooring for the living room, just haven’t been able to pick it up due to the weather.)
-- Cleaned my shower (I HATE cleaning the shower).
-- Balanced my checkbook.

The only thing that needs to be done that I haven’t done is shred the stuff in my shredder pile…but I haven’t been that bored yet – though need to get on the ball and do that soon. And if I get brave enough to make the drive, I need to go to Hobby Lobby to get trim for my other throw pillows and more Kilz so that I can paint the correct side of the door.

I am thinking about sledding down my driveway this evening…just to say I did. I’ll let you know how it goes. Maybe I’ll use my recycle bin. Hmmm…

I got brave enough to make the drive and well…people are STUPID. That’s about all I have to say. And to the woman driving a brand new SUV…someone probably should have told you that driving a SUV doesn’t make you invincible on ice before you almost ended up in the Lions Fun Park Pond (no joke, she came seriously close).

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Day in the Life of Me

Actually, today’s post started Sunday. I was trying to have a productive Sunday afternoon – getting a head start on cleaning my house before I have a group from church over to my house this weekend. I was coming upstairs and miss-judged the turn a little bit and caught my toes on the corner of the wall. It hurt – but I didn’t think it was any big deal. Turns out to be a bigger deal than I thought. It’s still swollen, it’s turning black and blue, and still hurts some (though much easier to walk on today). This would be the same foot that I dropped the ice cream container on last fall. I don’t know for sure if it’s broken (I’m not paying to be told there is nothing they can do), but if it is, it’s the third toe I’ve broken on that foot (and the fourth time).

Yesterday at lunch, I ran to Hobby Lobby to get some fabric and took a walk down their 66% off isle where I found a large square frame just slightly larger (like ½ and inch) than what I needed to frame this picture I’ve had forever for my kitchen. Granted the frame was black and I needed it to be white, but for that price I would paint it! Well, the clearance price was mis-marked and so I actually was supposed to get the frame for less than what I paid for it. So when I get home, I go upstairs to check the size of the frame against my picture and call Hobby Lobby about the price difference. They told me to bring it back and they would credit the amount.

After I ate some lunch, I grabbed the frame to put it in my car so I could run to Hobby Lobby after work, went and checked the mail before I left and put the mail in the kitchen, and locked the door from the house to the garage. I went to get in my car and you guessed it…no keys! I thought I had put a spare one in the garage, but I guess I hadn’t because I couldn’t find it. I was so mad at myself.

I had to call someone at work to come get me and had to call my roommate who graciously brought me her key so I could get back into my house after work. I will now be making sure there is a spare key hidden somewhere in the garage.

I thought the story ended there…till last night. When I was home last night, I went to get something out of the deep freeze and found a bag of pine cones in the freezer. I guess I accidentally put them in there earlier when I was looking for something else. I’m sure you had to be there, but I had just about decided to commit myself at that point.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

I’m Getting a Horse

I have been way too busy to post anything in a while, plus not much exciting has been going on, but I do have to vent about this.

In November, I paid off my car. My WONDERFUL friends (i.e. Suzy & Randy) sat there one night telling me all the things that would go wrong with my car once it was paid off. I’m not sure if they’re my friends anymore after today.

Reader’s Digest Version:

Last April, I spent over $600 having a new catalytic converter put in my car. A week and a half before Christmas my check engine light came on. I took it to the shop. They told me it was a catalytic code and to take it back to the shop that put in the catalytic converter (which they sent me to because they don’t do exhaust work).

So, I took my car into the other shop to have them look at it. They said that the catalytic converter was working properly and that even if it wasn’t they wouldn’t be able to warranty out the part. They also said they had never seen that code before, so they suggested turning the check engine light off and see if comes back on. I drove it for two weeks before it came back on again.

So yesterday, I took it back into the first shop. They still have it and cannot figure out what the problem is. They think I got a bad catalytic converter – which is bad since the other shop said they can’t warranty it out (which I think is a load of crap). The mechanic at the first shop offered to call the mechanic at the second shop to see what he can get them to do since it hasn’t even been a year – and frankly, I can’t afford to put another one in so soon (especially since it’s supposed to last up to 90,000 miles).

So at this point, I have no car. I’m relying on EVERYONE to take me everywhere (I can’t begin to tell you the number of rides I’ve had to bum and cars I’ve had to borrow. One of my co-workers did offer to loan me their extra “grandma” car if I needed it. I might have take them up on it.) Plus, I can’t even begin to afford a new car right now – especially since I’m having to have MORE work done on my jaw.

So, here is my solution…I’m getting a horse. I don’t have to pay for fuel – it can graze in my back yard. Plus, I can make money if I save the “fertilizer” and sell it. Even better, I just thought, I live next to stables. Hmmm…this is getting more and more feasible the more I think about it.