Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Random Stuff

I went to make chocolate chip cookies the other night and wanted to use a recipe I used to use that makes a smaller batch. The last 3 times I had made these cookies, they didn’t turn out right…something was wrong with the consistency. So I was very cautions as to what I was doing again this time and once again…the consistency was wrong. They come out spongy (kind of like pumpkin cookies or bread). I am at a loss as to why they’re turning out wrong. Cookies are the one thing I do REALLY well at in the kitchen. I don’t think I’ll be able to give up till I get them right.

Stolen Information
I got a letter in the mail yesterday from my bank saying the secret service had seized a computer that had my bank card number and address on it (and it was a legitimate letter). Considering I don’t ever use my bank card online and I’m super cautious about shredding anything with personal information on it, the fact that this happened is a little unnerving. All of this leads to a topic that has been bothering me the last few months. I know people are greedy and self serving, but what is it that makes some people think that it is okay for them to steal to get what they want? You hear of people having their Christmas presents stolen. You hear about the rising costs in retail stores because of theft. People have their identities and all kinds of personal property stolen all the time. I don't know the answer, but it’s just not right!

None of the Above
Is “None of the Above” an option in the upcoming elections? I have been trying to do my part to be an informed voter, but the more I read, the less I want to vote for any of them. Sometimes in this case I would choose the lesser evil…I just don’t think that is an option this time around. Ugh!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Birthday Highlights

Saturday I added another digit to my age, but it really wasn’t that painful. So once again, here is another “highlights” list…

My brother DIDN’T call and wake me up at the crack of dawn. My plan was to sleep in because I was exhausted, but I had an issue with the alarm clock and accidentally turned it back on when I thought I had turned it off and I never really went back to sleep after that. My mom did call at 8 a.m. which normally would have been too early, but I was already awake. My brother was kind and waited till 8:30 to call.

Had lunch with a friend whom I haven’t spent much time with the last several months. It was good to catch up beyond our email conversations.

Saw “27 Dresses” with friends. Very cute movie, but I’m kind of disturbed by how much I have in common with the main character beyond the 27 dresses part (I think I only have 6).

Dinner at Johnny Carino’s with the same friends. It was fun to actually have a “night out”. Oh, and word of warning…don’t get the free dessert at Johnny Carino’s. It really didn’t taste like anything and it was a little obscene looking.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Maybe the Most Pathetic Post EVER!!!

I have kind of been neglecting my posting lately. Nothing all that exciting has happened though and the few semi-humorous things that have taken place loose their humor level by time I have time to write about it.

You would think with as busy as I have been, I there would be something worthwhile to write about, but there hasn’t been. Here is the run down…

Working till somewhere between 5:30-6:30 every weeknight. When I get home I work out (if I’m not knock me over tired) and/or attempt something productive at home. Energy level bottoms out by 9 p.m. and I find myself on the couch watching TV or getting ready for bed.

Relay for Life. This fortunately has not been taking up a great deal of my evenings so far, but it does take up some of my lunch hour and took away my Saturday last weekend…though I did win a beach umbrella with bag as a consolation prize. =o)

Knocking on the door of one year further into my 30’s. On Saturday I will officially be 34. It still doesn’t seem real because I don’t feel that old. I guess that is all that counts.

Seriously…is that all of significance that has taken place in my life? I think it is. Okay that’s sad. I need to start getting a life…QUICK!

Here is a final question to ponder. I had a conversation with a friend recently and this question came up…Why is it that a guy you aren’t interested in can pay you a compliment (even if it is cheesy) and you’re totally turned off by it, but you would kill for some guy you ARE interested in to say the same thing? It doesn’t seem right, yet that is the way it is. Hmmm…

I promised a while back to avoid pathetic posts, but I think I dropped the ball on this one. But when I look back at my last few weeks, it is pathetic!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Sweetest Thing

I was reading this article on MSN a little bit ago and they listed things people said were the sweetest thing anyone ever did for them on a date. The things listed I didn’t really wow ME that much, but what I realized is that what warms the heart is different for each person.

For me the sweetest thing a guy ever did for me was scrape my windshield. I had been dating him for a couple of months and even though I thought he was a really great guy, I just didn’t feel about him the way I thought I should be feeling at that point. I had even been praying that I would feel differently because he really was a wonderful guy. Then one night after church he was driving me to my car. It had snowed while we were at church so the cars were covered in snow. When we got to my car he got his scraper out while I went to get mine so I could scrape own my car. I assumed he was scraping his windows better for his drive home, but when I looked up, he was clearing mine. I think what got me was I didn’t even once wish he’d do it…which made it mean even more. Having a lack of feelings for him after that evening was no longer an issue.

So, just curious, what is the sweetest thing a date has ever done for you?

Monday, January 14, 2008

Things I’ve Learned in the Last Week

Supposedly the reoccurring theme of driving semi-trucks in my dreams lately commonly means that I feel over-worked or I’m carrying a heavy burden. I kind of already suspected this was what I was going to find if I looked it up. In this case, it’s pretty accurate.

Wedding dress shopping can be overwhelming. I gladly helped a friend shop for hers the other night (the last dress turned out to be the winner), but there were so many to choose from and so much to take into consideration. I’m not so anxious to be doing the same for myself anytime soon.

The question “how is it that you are not married yet” is really starting to get on my nerves. I know it’s meant as a compliment, but if I knew the answer to that question wouldn’t it seem reasonable that I would be doing something about it. That question is better directed at the guys I’ve dated if you want an accurate answer.

This website is great. It’s a constant supply of music I like on my computer at work without having to go to all the work of downloading my existing CD’s. Plus it’s opened my eyes to some artists I wasn’t aware of. Thanks to my cousin for recommending it.

When putting away Christmas decorations, it is best to start with the Christmas tree box (at least in my case). It was not easy to put it away with all the other boxes in there…but mission accomplished (at least it’s out of sight).

I have to turn the heat up in my house if I want to get anything accomplished. I can’t get motivated if I’m cold. I’ve been keeping my thermostat low to save money…which is fine if I’m sleeping or watching TV. But it’s way too tempting to climb under a blanket instead of doing something productive if I’m cold. I’m ready for spring!!!

There is something about me that makes random men think that I can’t work the automated postage machine without their assistance. If you’re one of those men, thanks for the concern, but I do in fact know how to work it and if it appears I don’t, you might try backing up and stop breathing down my neck. I get things done a lot faster when someone (especially a stranger) is not looking over my shoulder. But again, thank you for your concern.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Movie Renting

I hate it when I find myself thinking, “I want to see that movie...I should rent it.” BUT when I actually go to the video store, I can’t remember what movie(s) I wanted to see. Somewhere I need to keep a list.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Christmas Pictures

I told some people I decorated my house for Christmas and then no one ever saw it. Here are pictures of the tree and fireplace so that I don't feel like my decorating was a total loss.

Random piece of information...my tree (no lights or decorations) is actually still up in my living room. I need a new container to store it in and needed to wait till I got paid again, so it's still up. Half of the outdoor Christmas lights are still laying on the floor too (also need to get a container for them). I guess that's the good thing about not having a roommate...no one to be inconvenienced by my "mess".

Holiday Highlights

Ths will be a quick list, but I really need to add something new to my blog. I wish I had more time to write, but it's "busy season" for me, so no time for goofing off, so here it goes...

8) Extended time off work. I had some vacation/comp days I hadn't used, so I had a little over a week off work. It was nice.

7) "White Christmas." Funny enough, it only appeared so in my mom's yard. The way her house sits, it takes a while for snow to melt off. The neighbors barely had any left on their yard. It was weird. (These were taken two days before Christmas when the neighbors still had snow).

6) Driving home the Saturday before Christmas in that HORRIBLE weather. Not the smartest thing I've ever done. It took me 7 hours to make a 2 hour & 45 minute trip. There was an eventful moment that resulted in damage to my car, but I'm afraid to post it for the world to see. If you want to know bad enough, email me.

5) I had a cold and spent most of my Christmas laying on my mom's couch watching rented movies and Hallmark Channel movies.

4) Seeing my friend, Stacey. We have known each other since my family moved to Hutchinson. She lives in New York now and we try to get together for dinner or "coffee" when we're both home if our scheduals mesh.

3) Got some really fun cookie cutters from a friend. As he put it, it's the gift that keeps on giving...to him. =o)

2) I FINALLY got a snow shovel from Santa Claus. =o) Watch, now it won't ever snow in Oklahoma ever again.

1) My brother finally made me the bench I had been wanting (kind of had this deal that if he built me this bench, he could have this piece of furniture in my bedroom at home that he wanted). Now all I have to do is paint it. Originally I was going to put it in my dining room, but now I'm thinking about putting it in the living room. Hmmm...

(picture to follow later)

So that's about it.