Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Holiday Highlights

Ths will be a quick list, but I really need to add something new to my blog. I wish I had more time to write, but it's "busy season" for me, so no time for goofing off, so here it goes...

8) Extended time off work. I had some vacation/comp days I hadn't used, so I had a little over a week off work. It was nice.

7) "White Christmas." Funny enough, it only appeared so in my mom's yard. The way her house sits, it takes a while for snow to melt off. The neighbors barely had any left on their yard. It was weird. (These were taken two days before Christmas when the neighbors still had snow).

6) Driving home the Saturday before Christmas in that HORRIBLE weather. Not the smartest thing I've ever done. It took me 7 hours to make a 2 hour & 45 minute trip. There was an eventful moment that resulted in damage to my car, but I'm afraid to post it for the world to see. If you want to know bad enough, email me.

5) I had a cold and spent most of my Christmas laying on my mom's couch watching rented movies and Hallmark Channel movies.

4) Seeing my friend, Stacey. We have known each other since my family moved to Hutchinson. She lives in New York now and we try to get together for dinner or "coffee" when we're both home if our scheduals mesh.

3) Got some really fun cookie cutters from a friend. As he put it, it's the gift that keeps on giving...to him. =o)

2) I FINALLY got a snow shovel from Santa Claus. =o) Watch, now it won't ever snow in Oklahoma ever again.

1) My brother finally made me the bench I had been wanting (kind of had this deal that if he built me this bench, he could have this piece of furniture in my bedroom at home that he wanted). Now all I have to do is paint it. Originally I was going to put it in my dining room, but now I'm thinking about putting it in the living room. Hmmm...

(picture to follow later)

So that's about it.

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