Monday, February 27, 2006

Your #1 Song

Okay, here is what you do:
Click here to find out what the #1 song was the day you were born (or any other significant day of your life). The day I was born, "You're Sixteen" by Ringo Starr was the #1 song. What's your's?

It’s Baaaccckkk!

Oh yes, my non-rent paying resident moved back in on Saturday. Is it the exact same one? Don’t know – kind of doubt it, but it does like the same part of the attic…right above my bed. I already wasn’t sleeping well on Friday night/Saturday, but at 5:10 a.m. when I am awoken by something walking overhead and the sound of plaster cracking, and going back to sleep was not an option.

At first I was mad that I was awake, then I was mad that it had come back, then I was freaked out that it might fall through the ceiling and I would not only have a big hole in my ceiling that I would have to have repaired, but that I would also have a raccoon loose in my room and well…you can picture the drama that would be taking place. At about 6:00 a.m., I finally yelled out “GET OUT OF MY ATTIC!” Not that it did any good, but I at least was able to vent my frustration without the fear of waking my roommate (she was out of town).

So yesterday we (i.e. Melissa) ventured back into her closet and opened the crawl space and once again set the trap for our “friend”. I didn’t hear him (I hope it’s a him, I don’t want babies up there), but I also didn’t hear anything in the trap when I left for work, so I think it decided to stay outside last night instead of coming in. GOOD!

Honestly, it’s my own fault. I should have figured out where it is coming in by now, but I’m just so freaked out by my attic, that I have not been able to bring myself to go get a ladder and climb up there and check it out. And now knowing that it is probably sleeping up there during the day really doesn’t encourage me to want to check it out. I guarantee you that if I came face to face with ANYTHING up there, it would not be pretty. I’d probably fall through the ceiling trying to get out of there. I did look out Melissa’s window to see if it was getting in the vent there, but even though it looks like something had bent the mesh, it doesn’t look loose – which probably means that it is getting in at my neighbor’s and I didn’t think it would go over all that well if he looked out the window and saw me standing there. Can you see the headlines now “Church Secretary Arrested on Peeping Tom Charge!”

So, if anyone out there wants to venture up into my attic and find the point of entry and fix it for me, there would at the very least be cookies in it for you, and maybe even dinner if that’s what it takes!!!!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Stuff Like This Never Happens to Me

Stuff like this never happens to me. Look at the email I got from my friend Jenn...

Hey, I have a cool story to tell ya...remember a few weeks ago I was telling you how I wanted to go to the Coldplay concert? Well, yesterday after school I took Kayla to the zoo and on the way there, happened to switch from the cd I'd been listening to to the radio and heard them say they were going to be at an undisclosed location later passing out 98 boxes of girl scout cookies...1 of which had 2 front row tickets to Coldplay in it. I thought, that's cool, I might even go by just for the cookies if they were on my way! So, we got to the zoo and forgot all about it. We got back in the car to come home and they were live from Edmond Kia on Broadway Ext. with about 40 boxes of cookies left. So, I decided since that was actually on our way, if they were still up for grabs when we got to that area, we'd run by. So, we did and there were about 10 boxes left. Kayla picked the only orange box left on the table-DoSiDohs. And guess what was inside...that's right, I've never been to a concert in my life but I will be front and center for Coldplay. I was so excited, everyone was screaming and I was trying not to cry and look stupid!!! Then they took our picture for the website and put me on the radio which was weird because they were broadcasting live so I could hear myself on the huge speakers at the dealership with about a 10 second delay. It was crazy and Kayla was a little freaked out but apparently she's got a lucky gene...we're planning a trip to Vegas in the near future!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2006


See, the first line proves that I need the article for clueless women!

Men See You As Choosy

Men notice you light years before you notice them
You take a selective approach to dating, and you can afford to be picky
You aren't looking for a quick flirt - but a memorable encounter
It may take men a while to ask you out, but it's worth the wait

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

For All My Male Readers

I found this today on MSN and thought it would be a good post for all of my male readers out there (all 3 of you). My next question is...when are is someone going to write an article for clueless girls. I think I need that one.

Does she want to date you?
By Alan Goldsher

Guys can be kinda dumb.

I’m not talking kinda dumb in a low-IQ kind of way—remember Ken “Mr. Jeopardy” Jennings? Last time we checked, he was a guy—and clearly not unintelligent. But in terms of figuring out how to comprehend a woman’s feelings about us when we’re trying to make the leap from “friends” to “friends who kiss,” forget about it. This is especially true for guys who’ve been burned in the past (and who hasn’t been?) who are wary about rejection. Maybe we’re not totally illiterate, but we often have a difficult time reading signals. So here, a few signs she’s interested—consider them your green light to get closer.

The “let’s laugh” signal
Distinctly not-dumb guy David Wygant, author of Always Talk To Strangers, is an excellent signal-reader. “If she makes you feel like a stand-up comedian, even though you’re not that funny, she wants to take it to the next level,” says Wygant. Similarly, Rosemarie of White Plains, New York, shares, “If I’m interested in a guy, I kind of tease him—I try to get a funny, bantering chat going. It shows that I’m interested in playing a bit of a cat-and-mouse game, you know? I’ll say something like, ‘I think you’re just making that up,’ or ‘Honestly now, has that line worked?’ but I say it with a big smile and eye contact so he knows I’m just joking.”

The tell-tale time sign
If you are friends with a woman and sometimes wonder if there might be more there, take heed of when she wants to hang out with you. If she wants to meet you for a quick workday lunch, chances are she doesn’t fancy you in the way you might hope. But if she asks you to meet her for a drink in the evening or to see a movie with her on a Saturday at 8 P.M., she may be casting you in more of a boyfriend role. Says Shelly of San Diego: “I work with a lot of guys and admit to getting crushes on coworkers from time to time. I’ll chat them up about new movies I want to see, and if one I’m interested in asks me out, I do what I can to make it at night on a weekend. That makes it so easy to grab a drink or food afterward and get to know each other on a more personal level.”

The body language clues
OK, so the odds of a woman reaching out to hold your hand while you’re flirting with her are slim to none. So how does she use her body to show you she’s interested? Jess from New York believes a woman’s gestures will send you the message. “Her body language will give her away—if a woman leans in toward a guy while he’s talking, mimics his body language, and maybe sneaks in a subtle touch here or there, these are pretty good signs that she’s into him. Obviously, he should get her phone number and actually call.”

And how does a guy know if a woman isn’t interested? “If she is looking around the room while he’s talking to her and crossing her arms across her chest,” says Jess, “she’s probably not that interested. Also, if she tells the guy that he would be perfect for her sister or she suddenly brings up the fact that she’s been talking to her ex-boyfriend, there’s probably not a spark there.” The guy should just move on to a woman who is worth his time or possibly take the uninterested woman up on her sister offer.

The look of “I like you”
A guy should also know what kind of eye contact is waving him in. Direct eye contact that lasts more than a couple of seconds is a sign of interest, say the experts. And if a woman looks from your eyes to your mouth, well, things are in very, very good shape. “I don’t know if it’s conscious or not, but when I like a guy, I find my gaze wanders from his eyes to his mouth,” says Moira of St. Louis. “It’s definitely a seduction move; it lets him know that I’m thinking about what it would be like to kiss him.” Gentleman, if you’re getting that signal, this is another time you want to go ahead and get that phone number.

Taking the next step
Once we men realize she “likes us, likes us,” our minds are oftentimes so blown that we have no idea how to proceed. Fortunately, Wygant does: “Once she gives you the hints, you need to close the deal. Ask her to talk to you away from her friends or call her up on the phone and say, ‘You know what? I want to take you out for a nice dinner—just the two of us.’”

What if the object of your affection is a woman you’ve known as a pal for a while? Over dinner, you have the talk, advises Wygant. “You say, ‘I’d really like to become more than friends. I’d like to start dating you. What do you think of that?’ At this point, she’s given you every single sign that this is the conversation she’s been dreaming about, and of course the answer is going to be yes.”

So it all really boils down to a two-pronged plan: Pay attention and take a chance. If you focus your energy on the woman in question rather than on yourself or your surroundings (which is what you should be doing anyway), you’ll pick up more than you ever thought you could have. And if you disregard the very obvious signs — the laughing, the touching, the eye contact — and you don’t go for it, well then, then you are kinda dumb.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Weekend Rundown

Spent the evening with Jamie, Elaina, and Melissa playing poker at Jamie’s. First of all, we didn’t play for money. I’m too bad at it to risk losing money I don’t have. I hadn’t played poker in a VERY long time, and really have only played a few times in my life as it is. The girls decided that I don’t have a very good poker face because I kept saying “dude!” every time I didn’t like the hand I had. Also determined that I can’t do color math. I would get so confused when I would try to figure out how to “make change”. I couldn’t figure out green minus blue equaled. I am a little better at Texas Hold’em, but still not great. It was actually a fun evening, despite the fact that my car was covered in ice by time Melissa and I left and the scraper wasn’t cutting it. That ice was just a preview of the weekend to come. Friday night was also the last time I left my house (other than running out to the mailbox on Saturday) till today.

I got up and started taping the kitchen and moving furniture so that I could start painting. That took a lot of motivation. I wanted to get it painted, but it was cold and dreary outside so I was tempted to just stay in bed. But I didn’t let myself slack off and I started painting. The first coat looked like a smurf blew up in my kitchen. I did manage to get very little in places it wasn’t supposed to be (unlike the kitchen cabinet experience). Since I needed to wait 4 hours before I put on a second coat, I only got one coat put on – but that’s okay, I felt like I had accomplished something. Also had one of those reminders that God even answers our silly little prayers, which was good was a good boost of faith because I’ve got some biggies I’ve been praying and the answering of this small request was a reminder that He is faithful and He will answer the others too. Maybe not exactly the way that I would like (like this weekend), but the way that is best.

Saturday night, Andrew, Gregorio and Randy came over and the five of us played games. The boys (well Randy) kicked our butts in Tribond, but we had a come back in Oodles of Doodles. We then decided to play Uno, but we were trying to remember what cards were worth what. My comment was “I’ve never scored playing Uno”. I really need to think before I speak. After getting tired of Uno, we decided to move on to Uno Attack. I have not laughed that hard since the day I spent cracking myself up.

Got up and got ready for church. As I was getting ready, I heard on the news that it was sleeting really bad outside, but so far, no mention of services being cancelled. I was having a serious debate about whether or not to go. I’m so pathetic, but my biggest concern about going was that by time I came out, my car would be covered in ice again and I really didn’t want to scrape it. I’ve decided this is another reason why I need a husband – to scrape the car when it’s covered with snow and ice (the other reason is to do all the handy work around my house I’m too afraid to attempt myself). Anyway, I checked the news one last time before I left and found out services had been cancelled. So I put on comfortable clothes and did something I rarely do…made breakfast.

Since I was trapped in the house for the rest of the day (my driveway is really steep, so I wasn’t about to attempt to leave), I decided to put on a second coat of paint. This turned out to not be as productive as I had hoped. 1) I needed trim brushes and a smaller roller to get in some tight places; 2) the rollers I bought were for medium texture and I really probably needed rough texture because it was taking more coats to get a solid coverage; 3) the color didn’t turn out the right shade of blue. I don’t hate the color, but it doesn’t match my pottery. It turned out to be more of a navy than a dark cobalt blue. I knew the colors weren’t going to be exact, but Jenny and I thought they would at least compliment each other. Turns out they don’t. I’m already going to have to go buy more paint, but my dilemma is, do I try once again to match the color or do I choose a color other than blue and start over. Of course if I do that, I will have to Kilz the wall first. I just can’t win! What’s worse is I kept waking up during the night wondering “what do I do about the color in the kitchen?”

So, I finished painting and decided to crash on the couch and find a good movie. Don’t know how many good movies I found, but plenty that made me cry. I had such a headache by time I went to bed. As I’m lying there wishing my headache would go away, I start to think about things needed to be done first thing this morning – especially since our office wasn’t opening till noon. One of them being calling and postponing the pick up order for our copier since it died and it has to go to the copier hospital. Side note: I could really get used to going to work at noon. I got up, read my bible, took a shower, ate lunch, did some things around the house. Did not feel rushed like I normally do. It was GREAT!

It has been a fairly relaxed day – which I really needed. This week has the potential of being one of the most stressful weeks I’ve had in a really long time. I might post why later, but it seems premature to say anything at this point.

But that has been my weekend. I’m ready for it to warm up. I guess I kind of got my snow day, but I would have much rather it been on a weekday.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Work In Progress

I'm posting this in hopes that I won't talk myself out of doing it -- especially after all the work drama this has created (they wanted me to work on Saturday which is a long story and I really didn't want to because I had already sat this weekend aside).

Anywho, I should have taken a very beginning BEFORE picture, but this is my current project, a.k.a. the kitchen. The cabinets used to be a dark brown They were pretty beat up, so I decided painting them would be easier that sanding and staining. So far I think I was right, but "easy" isn't the best descriptive word here. I never dreamed it would take as much work as it did. I started painting them Thanksgiving Day. I finally finished after New Years (I think - around then). I have also painted the mantle/bookcase in the living room and some of the trim in the kitchen (you can't see the blue tape, but it's still there.)

So now, my plan for the weekend is to FINALLY paint the kitchen walls. It won't look like the same place when I'm done, I promise you! I'm excited about finally having some color in my house. What I'm not excited about is taping, taking down the blinds and moving the pie safe (that's the big brown thing). It would be very tempting to not tape or take down the blinds, but if I learned one thing from painting the cabinets, the clean up if you don't is a lot harder and takes a lot longer than the preventative measures.

It will be so nice to actually be able to use all of my counter tops! It will however be a while before this room can be classified as "finished". Seems that painting over my hardware didn't work as well as I planned, so I will have to replace the hinges afterall! And I will be painting the doors as well, but I wanted to wait till spring when I could take them outside. Oh well. So, if all goes well, this is the BEFORE picture and I'll have AFTER pictures soon!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Rasp or Raz?

Okay, I was looking at my profile (just because) and the question posted at the end (that I have never answered) is "Why does the color blue mean raspberry-flavored?" You know, this is a good question and here is my answer: Because blueberry flavored isn't that popular and every shade of red and pink were already spoken for by strawberry, cherry and watermelon, so like me, raspberry got the short end of the stick and got blue by default! But here is another question I'm now wondering -- why is it spelled raspberry. I have always pronounced it razberry. I have never heard anyone pronounce it with a "p".

Here is another question -- is it "hayride" or "hay rack ride"? I bet I can tell where you're from by your answer!

Moron Alert!

Went to Taco Bueno today to pick up lunch for me and a co-worker. I was sitting in the drive thru when my car started to smell like cigarette smoke. My car was pulling in the outside air and the guy in front of me was smoking and the smoke from his cigarette was filling my car. But this was not the totally moranic part. I'm watching him and all of a sudden it dawns on me that our state in under a burn ban, it's windy today, so we're under an extreme fire danger warning and this brain child is flicking his ashes out the window with a HUGE grassy field not 50 feet away!

I'm already in a mood because it looks like I'm going to have to work on Saturday, so I was so tempted to go impart wisdom on this man. But obviously he's an idiot and I'm sure nothing I would say would have done any good.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Memorable Valentine’s

I’m not exactly the biggest fan of this holiday. Never have been. I don’t hate it, just indifferent more than anything. Trying to run errands the last 2 days has made me REALLY not fond of this holiday though. I mean, seriously people. They’ve been running Valentine’s ads on TV since Christmas! It’s not like this holiday snuck up on you!

Well, I could go on for days, but all of this Valentine’s stuff has gotten me to thinking about my most memorable Valentine’s Days. In third grade, there was this boy in my class named Brent Bogdanovecz. We’d gone to school together since pre-school, but one day (for a brief moment) I decided that maybe I liked him. My big mistake was telling my best friend who told our gym teacher who shared that info with our whole class. I was trying to cover my bases, so I told everyone it wasn’t Brent, it was Blint. Not too good at covering my bases in the third grade obviously. Well, I thought the whole thing has passed till Valentine’s Day when he signed my Valentine “From Blint”. Yeah, I was busted.

My sophomore year in college, I was on a serious anti-Valentine’s kick and on the calendar in our dorm room put a big heart with a slash through it on February 14 and wrote “death to anyone who gets roses.” Well, one night shortly before Valentine’s Day, I answered my friend Melissa’s phone and got into a conversation about the whole thing with her friend Jeff. He asked me what I would do if someone sent me roses and I told him I would cut all the buds off. On Valentine’s Day, I get a delivery at the receptionist desk. Someone had sent me a dozen long stems, no buds, in a vase with baby’s breath. The card attached had a calendar drawn on it to match my own calendar – but no name. I knew it had to be Jeff, but I wasn’t sure. I thought it was the funniest thing anyone had ever done for me (still my best Valentine’s Day ever). He called me that night to find out if I was mad (which of course I wasn’t), and gave me the scoop. Seem he had gone to get roses for his girlfriend and the florist was making corsages, and he asked her what she was going to do with the stems. When he told her what he was going to do, she felt bad for me and threw in the vase, greenery and baby’s breath. His roommates and co-workers thought he was the biggest jerk, which then made him reconsider what he had done, which is why he called. But I seriously thought it was so funny!!!!

I guess last year deserves honorable mention. Even though it was really awkward time and I really just wanted to get the whole holiday over with, it was the first time I had actually gotten flowers (buds intact) for Valentine’s Day from anyone other than my parents.

All the rest of them were pretty much like any other day (even when I’ve had boyfriends). I seem to attract practical men, not romantics. Oh, and then there was the year I had the chicken pox. That was memorable!!!

This year, Valentine’s is being spent hosting Bible study at my house and frankly, I’m not too upset about that fact. Tomorrow, it will again just be another day.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Oh No!!!

I was driving up Bryant earlier today (which is the street I live off of) and what did I see on the side of the road? A dead raccoon!! I don't know if it was my raccoon trying to make it's way back to my attic (which I still don't know how it got in because I'm too scared climb up there), or one of his relatives.

BUT I want the record to show that he was already dead when I drove by. I will not be held responsible for it's untimely demise. I'm not a raccoon hater or killer, I just didn't want it living in my attic!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I Want To Be a Bought Cow

Last night I was at Chili’s with a group of friends and we were having a very “deep” conversation. One Jason was handing out dating advice to the ladies at the table. His insights were humorous and fearfully accurate I hate to say.

All of this lead to “analyzing” the a relationship of one of the girls at the table. We were giving her a hard time about not making this male in her life step up to the plate. I then jokingly added “why by the cow when you can get the milk for free.” That’s when this girl (who will remain nameless) announced, “I want to be a bought cow!”

Of course we all bust out in laughter, but it has really stuck with me. I want to be a bought cow too! I know the phrase that sparked this comment was meant to refer to “putting out”, but I think the meaning could go deeper than that.

I am guilty of making things too easy on the guys I date. I don’t express my feelings, instead I just make myself overly flexible -- almost a doormat in a sense. Too often I tend go out of my way to try to meet their needs, but don’t usually get my needs met in return. And even worse, instead of saying “hey, I need more than this from you” I just smile and nod and pretend that everything is fine because I don’t want to be one of those whiney, demanding girlfriends.

In doing this I’m almost saying “I’m giving milk (i.e. their needs) away for free.” And you know what – I’m tired of that. I’m tired of being someone’s sounding board when they need one, but getting nothing back in return. I’m really not trying to sound like the world should revolve around me. I LOVE to be generous with the people I care about. I love for them to feel like they can talk to me and that I’m there for them, but it gets tiring when you’re not getting any of it reciprocated. I believe that relationships aren’t always 50/50. Often their 80/20 and I’m okay with that as long as I’m not always the 20.

So I guess what I’m getting at is that I agree. I want to be a “bought cow!” I don’t want to be a free milk giver! Well, that is unless their intention is to butcher me. Then I’ll pass on the whole thing!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I'm Still Cracking Myself Up!!!

I don’t know what got in to me today, but I am seriously making myself laugh. My ribs hurt. I keep sitting in my office, just laughing – out loud. Sometimes there is no immediate reason (I am usually still laughing at something I did 30 minutes before) and sometimes it's because of the following email exchange. It all started with my previous post. I told Suzy and Susan to check out my team page before I posted it on my blog and this is what followed:

Stacey: “Okay, I’ve been busy and am just now getting around to actually setting up my team page. Check out my picture! I crack myself up!”

Susan: “Well, Suzy if this doesn't make your day then I don't know what will!!! That is the best thing I've seen ever!!! Who wouldn't want to donate to that beautiful picture!! Now all you have to do is send out those emails!! It really just takes a minute or two!!!”

Suzy: “That is awesome! Really you kind of look like her anyway. I would kill for that waist!!!!!”

Stacey: “I’d kill for her boobs!”

Susan: “Oh my!!! You two have to stop!! That is the funniest thing I've heard in a while!!!”

Suzy: “I just had a thought. Susan we should try and do what Stacey did on our main team page. Get Andrew to be Rhett and Stacey can be Scarlett and we can use other people in the movie as well.”

Susan: “That would be awesome! I really don't know how to do that...if only we had someone with that talent and access to our church directory pictures... Hm.... Think Susan!!”

Stacey: “Hey, if I had pictures, I could probably do it. It would be a crack up!!!!”

Suzy: “I was also thinking that Andrew actually looks more like Ashley Wilkes and not Rhett Butler. Brett could be our Rhett could he not Susan.....get it Brett/Rhett. Come on it was a little funny.”

Stacey: “Oh, brother!”

Susan: “I think it should be Stacey that sticks to the jokes today! No offense of course!!”

Suzy: “Ouch. I'm funny. Dad gum it and people like me. Susan you knew I was fragile today and yet you still felt it necessary to hurt me like that. Like putting the "no offense" disclaimer was going to help.”

Susan: “I only did the ‘no offense’ b/c you did earlier! I know you're funny. That joke earlier was just a little stretch! You are one of the funniest people I know!!!”

Stacey: er

Suzy: “Someone seriously give this girl something to do. I can't see through my laughing tears! Stinking hilarious!!!!!”

Stacey: “I’m so making myself laugh today! My ribs hurt!!!!!”

Susan: “I don't know if I can believe you anymore when you say you're always swamped at work. I know this might be a rare occasion but still!”

Stacey: “It is a rare occasion!!! I’ve been spending all day (besides this) getting caught up. You should see my desk! You can almost SEE my desk!”

From there it went into a discussion about the state of our desks. If laughing is good exercise, I definitely lost a couple of pounds!

I Crack Myself Up!

Okay, this is SORT of a shameless plug for the Edmond Relay for Life, but more than that -- it's showing off my wonderful photoshop skills. Check out my personal page on our team site. I make myself laugh. I was going to use this picture, but the resolution was too low and it didn't look good on the page. I still think it's funny. This alone should make you want to donate to the American Cancer Society! And for those of you who don't know who on the team to donate to, you can donate to the team in general. It's all for the greater good! ;o)

Monday, February 06, 2006

My Dad

Yesterday would have been my dad’s 66th birthday. It’s still so strange to think that he’s been gone for five years now and that it’s been seven since his accident. In some ways it seems like it was a lifetime ago. In others it seems like just yesterday.

I was definitely a daddy’s girl when I was little and I definitely had him wrapped around my little finger. I was fortunate to get to spend a lot of time with my dad when I was little. He and his twin brother owned an International Harvester dealership when we lived in Anthony and my dad would occasionally take us to work with him (never both at the same time though – which was smart on his part). He also used to take us on service calls with him when we weren’t in school. I think I spent more time playing on farm equipment than on playground equipment growing up.

My dad had a great sense of humor and very ornery (yes, for those of you that know that side of me, that’s where I got it). He also was a great story teller. I guess that explains a lot too. I loved for my dad to tell us stories about when he was growing up. He was also a funeral director and that definitely gave him some good story telling material. He was also had a great voice. He & his twin brother actually decided into the funeral business (yes, they did everything together) after singing at a funeral. My sister probably inherited his vocal talent because my brother and I didn’t.

Even though I was really close to my dad when I was little, our relationship was really strained during my teen and early adult years. Some of that was due health problems that affected his personality, some of it was due to the fact that he had this need to be depended on and unfortunately he had a very independent daughter, and some was due to the fact we both pretty stubborn. It really bothered him that I could take care of myself. He wanted his little girl to find someone to take car of her and get married. Oh, heavens, he’d be a total wreck now if he knew his little girl STILL wasn’t married.

Although he drove us NUTS the last 13 years of his life, I also know that it was because he loved us – sometimes too much. And despite it all, I miss my dad. There are all of these little things you take for granted, like how he would always gas my car up for me before I headed home, how he’s scrape my windshield and warm up my car for me in the morning during the winter. How anytime I had something that needed repaired, he’d make a day trip just to help me out. Even how he’d go to the store late at night when I was little because I needed cookies to help me sleep. ;o) And you all wonder why my expectations in my men are so high.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Groundhog's Day

Our mail server is down again and I’m running out of stuff I can do. Actually thinking about going home since I don’t feel all that hot anyway. I’d be okay to stay if I had work to do, but since I don’t at the moment, why not take advantage of the fact I fill blah and call it a day? I just might!

Anyway, I was surfing the Net and found this article on Groundhog’s Day on the MSN homepage. Actually pretty interesting. Groundhog’s Day has never really made sense to me anyway. If he sees his shadow, then the sun is out, shouldn’t that make him think spring is here? As the writer explains (and I guess I knew this) the temperature is actually warmer when it’s cloudy (clouds hold in the heat).

I’m actually ready for spring. I’m not a big cold weather fan anyway, and since Oklahoma weather can’t seem to make up it’s mind this year, I think it just needs to call it quits and give us spring. When you’ve had more 60 degree highs this winter than 30 degree highs, you’ve forfeited your right to winter weather. In my book, the only way Oklahoma weather can redeem itself is to give us a REALLY good snow storm. One that keeps me from having to go to work for at least a day or two. And honestly, I’m not complaining about the lack of cold weather. Anything that cuts down on my gas bill is fine with me!

So, happy reading and happy Groundhog’s Day!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Let's Try This Again Tomorrow

Have you ever had one of those days when you just want to go back to bed and call it a day and start over tomorrow? I had one yesterday.

I started out not feeling too hot to begin with. I’ve really been trying not to get sick yet (I need that to wait till the end of February), so I wasn’t thrilled to wake up feeling blah. When I get to work, things start out pretty normal. THEN the mud slide called “my day” begins.

All of a sudden, our mail server goes down. Granted there are some things that I kind of needed my email for, but I could live without it. The reason this is such a bad thing is not because I can’t email, but because my co-workers begin calling me saying “my email doesn’t work”. I reply, “I know, nobody’s does and we don’t know when it will be back up. I’ll let you know when it’s working.”

It would seem logical that they not call me again till I tell them its working. Oh, no. We’ve been down this road before. They will continue to call me every half hour to find out if email is working again. Did you try it? Was it working? Then the answer is NO!

I leave the server room knowing this is going to be a long day, but nothing I haven’t dealt with before. I walk back into our office and was notified by our receptionist that one of the elders is trying to reach me. Come to find out, the elders want an article in the bulletin on Sunday and one of our ministers not only failed to tell us this, but also told him deadlines are at noon on Wednesday. I’ll spare you the details of bulletin preparation, but this isn’t exactly accurate. So now, I have an irritated elder who wants his article in the bulletin and my only option is to make a bunch of phone calls and ask people to now cut the length of their articles so I will have room.

At this point, because I don’t feel good, I really just want to cry. In the scheme of things, it’s really not that bad, but I feel like crap and my day is going downhill fast. That’s when I learned that we also can’t print and our database is down. Seems email isn’t the only thing on that particular server.

Since I can’t do much in the lines of work at the moment, I decided to take an early lunch run an errand out at the mall. I’m about to get on the turnpike when my check engine light comes on, my car starts to rattle, and it smells like something is burning. I actually by this point have to just laugh because it would figure today would be the day all of this would happen.

I manage to get my car back to the church (my car stalling on Memorial Road would have been the straw that broke the camel’s back) and call Woody (head of our Transportation Ministry) to see if he can determine if it is safe to drive to the mechanic. As far as he could tell, it was but there was definitely something seriously wrong. He does tell me though that there is some corrosion around my battery and quote “I should probably get my boyfriend to clean it off for me.” And who does he suggest that is because if he knows, I have a few other “honey-do’s” for that boyfriend!

Anyway, I call my mechanic and he doesn’t answer. Seems he’s building a new shop, so he’s closed for a few months. Luckily, a mechanic I know from church had time to look at it. Seems I needed a new spark plug and new spark plug cables. It could be worse – I could need a new engine! So, I’m now $180 farther away from replacing my stove, floors and furnace than I was (which was already quite a ways away).

There were a few little glitches through out the rest of the day, but nothing else major (which was good because I might have shown up on the 10:00 news if anything else had gone wrong.)

Today, I still don’t feel great, but we have email and can print, so things are off to a better start. Let’s just hope it stays that way.