Monday, April 20, 2009

Have To Laugh

Murphy’s Law seems to apply to my life. Yet another case in point…

In the last year, I mole decided to take up residence in my back yard. Said mole killed a large portion of the grass in my back yard. Homeowner’s associate will mow back yard, but will not repair grass (not that I really expected them to). Landscapers hired by HOA have decided not to mow in the area where most of the grass is dead, so the un-dead grass is growing tall in spots.

Solution: Buy grass seed and re-seed back yard this last weekend.

Problem: Spent over an hour preparing ground and re-seeding backyard, only to have rain storm (that I was unaware was coming) wash most of the seed into they greenbelt behind my house. Ugh.

Recently, my car has started making a grinding noise. I was tempted to ignore the problem because I didn’t want to pay for car repairs, but I finally realized that ignoring the problem would not make it go away (such can be said about life). So this morning I took the car to the mechanic to find out the problem…which became 3 problems.

Problem 1: Rear breaks needed to be replaced. Thankfully I took it in before it got too bad and it was a cheaper fix.

Problem 2: Windshield wiper fluid sprayer not working (I was aware of this and asked him to look at it). A piece of foil from the bottle got stuck in the hose and clogged it up.

Problem 3: Nail in the tire, and it’s in the side of the tire and broken off. I’m not real sure that was an accident.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

More Things That Creep Me Out

I dedicated a post to things that creep me out almost 4 years ago. All of those things on that list still creep me out, but I have some additions.

In addition to this...

And the the Quaker Oatmeal Guy...not the one on the box, but the plastic one in the commercials that just stands there and smiles (sorry, couldn't find a picture),

But these freak me out too!

What's worse is that it has been a while since I've been in Old Navy and today I walked into my local store and what should be standing there as you walk in the door...the supermodelquins! Seriously made me uneasy...almost turned around and walked out.

Are you seeing a pattern here? I'm starting too. I don't like things with platic smiles! The Burger King is still the worst because he moves.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Ah Ha!

Much thanks to the roommate's cousin, I now know where my critters are getting in at these days. As I thought, it is NOT on my property and unless my neighbors fix the problem, I am going to be dealing with critters in my attic. Ugh!

As for the Second Annual Me Week, not as productive as I hoped. I did though get the hinges replaced in the kitchen. FYI, that is much more a two person job. It had its challenges, but the doors are up and all is well in the kitchen. ;o)