Monday, February 28, 2011

What You've Missed

Which sadly is not too much, but well...posting is low on the priority list these days.

Tulips Are Coming Up
And it looks like there are more this year than last.  YEAH!!!  Now as long as the freeze doesn't get them.  My Day Lilies are also starting to come back.  I love it when my perennials are actually perennial.

I transplanted my lilac bush a week ago Saturday.  And the good news is that is looks like I didn't kill it.  Probably won't bloom again this year, but after scoping out the yard, I decided that when (or if) I ever get around to putting up the fence I have wanted since I moved in, that I wanted to start it in a different spot than originally planned, so I needed to move the lilac bush so it would be in the yard.  I actually wish it would bloom this year to mask the scent of the neighbors dog poop infested yard.  YUCK!  By the way, said transplant lead to this...

Got Locked Out of My House
I have a sliding patio door that leads to my back yard.  Said patio door is not that secure, so I keep not one, but two bars to keep someone from jimmying open the door.  One of the bars is attached and flips up out of the way.  The second fits down in the track at the bottom and I usually just prop it up inside the door frame.  BIG mistake.  The last time I went out the door, I guess I closed it a little too hard and the lower bar fell.  Locking me out of my house.
I tried to see if I could still jimmy the door open.  Could not.  Tried sticking something under the door to see if I could pop it loose.  Didn't work.  My neighbors down the street have a key, but the security bar on the front door was closed so a key was not going to work.  I did try to call these neighbors to see if they had something I could try to break my window open with, but they didn't answer.  So I tried going over to the next door neighbors house.  He wouldn't answer the door (but I know he was home).  I tried calling another friend.  Turns out he was asleep and didn't hear the phone.  So I call my mom to whine.  That wasn't going to do me much good either, so I tried the neighbors down the street again.  This time they were home (and having an equally unfortunate day).
We tried everything we could think of with no luck.  The husband then decided that my weather stripping was in pretty bad shape, so maybe we could peel all of that off and pop the window loose.  That started to work, but then a small piece at the corner cracked, so we pryed it loose, and unlocked the window and He was able to get me in.  This of course meant getting yet another window replaced, but I was in.

Don't Be Hate'n
For about two or three years now I've been trying to talk my mom into crocheting me a Snuggie, and this Christmas (I think because she was desperate for a new project) she agreed.  Last Thursday, this arrived in the mail.
I LOVE it!!!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Snow Days Stats

  • Days since I’ve left home = 2
  • Times I’ve stepped outside the house = 1
  • Days since I showered = 3
  • Human beings I’ve seen since Monday = 0
  • Injuries = 1 (Sliced finger open. Probably needed stitches. Decided not worth leaving the house for.)
  • Pipes frozen = 0 (technically, but the drain upstairs froze and the water was building up in the sink. Fixed it by turning on a space heater. Will be closing the bathroom door tonight to keep bathroom warmer.)
  • Hours spent working = lost track. (But I think my butt is permanently stuck to the couch.)
  • Episodes of "Toddlers & Tiaras" watched = 2.5 (Got curious after a discussion at work. Those people have issues.)
  • Movies watched = 3 ("Princess & the Frog" and the first two of the "Anne of Green Gables" trilogy)
  • Household chores done = 2
Office is still closed tomorrow. I’m not in a huge hurry to go back to work, but I’m dying to get out of the house.