Friday, October 31, 2008

Kitty Litter

I'm sure this is good, but I have not brought myself to try it yet...

Mainly because it's in a litter box. I know it's new and clean, but it's a litter box (which is another reason why I'm not a cat fan...litter boxes). But I'm going to try it, I just need to build up the courage.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Another Finished Project...Finally

This weekend I turned this...

and this...

into this...

Actually, this was one of the easier projects I've had (the painting the walls green part. The painting the wood work white this summer took a while).

All I have left downstairs is replacing the rest of the flooring (that might be a while), replacing the hinges in the kitchen (don't ever try to paint over doesn't work well), and replacing the electrical outlets and light switches (which I actually know how to do now). The downstairs is almost done.

Now for the upstairs...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stop It!!!

Something/someone is messing with my flower beds in the front of my house.

A few weeks ago, someone pulled up both sets of my perennials. Yes, they were starting to die, but I was waiting for them to die off a little more before I cut them back so they could come back next year. Instead someone took it upon themselves to just pull them out...roots and all. I was soooooo not happy. I planted perennials so that I wouldn't have to replant the flowers every year. Ugh!

Anyway, I recently planted another mum plant in one of the front flower beds (I like mums because again, they come back up every year). A few days later I go out there and something had been digging in said flower bed. This has never been an issue before. While I was outside, I also noticed that my drain from the gutter had been knocked loose, so I went to fix it and noticed something has also been digging in that flower bed. THERE'S NOTHING LEFT TO DIG UP! So I level out the dirt and call it a day.

TODAY I got home at lunch and notice something had created a little dirt mound in my flower bed again. What in the world. Why are my flower beds so attractive all of a sudden. They've forced my hand. I'm pulling out the Critter Rid (the stuff I got to keep animals out of the back flower beds...which ended up being a waste of time because I'm convinced the guys who mow the lawns in my addition had been peeing on my flowers).

To replant to not to replant...that is the question?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sums it Up

A co-worker gave this to me years ago and it's been on my desk ever since. It pretty much says it all.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Welcome to My World

So this is what you see right now when you walk into my office. Actually you normally see something similar just about any time you walk into my office. It's not totally my fault. My office is often a dumping ground for stuff other people don't know what to do with. Right now it's better than it has been in a while. You could barely walk into it a month ago because of all of the boxes. I've been working on finding a home for some of this stuff, so maybe there will be "after" pictures later this week.

The lovely credenza behind me was the decorating ladies answer to my "work space problem. This was not desiged to be a desk to work at. my legs don't fit under it and the drawers are difficult to organize. I probably should get baskets to put in the cubby holes so it looks neater, but I don't have a decorating budget, and I'm not spending my own money for something at work that I need at home.
This space will always look this way. I sometimes stick some of the files on top in that "file organizer" on the right, but then I forget about them. Actually I tend to forget about everything on the "desk" behind me because I don't face that direction very often.

This is leftover supplies from a reception I organized. Technically the stuff now belongs to our Bible class. Lemonade anyone?
No I do not have a serious coffee addiction. I don't even touch the stuff. This belongs to my Bible class and doesn't fit in our cabinet. Until recently I had THREE coffee pots, plus some other goodies.

I have no idea why I have an extra monitor in my office. It supposedly has a home...I think it's lost.

Empty boxes/containers are a staple in my office. I seem to be a box/container magnet. I was told NOT to throw away the long skinny one, the plastic one...belongs to my Bible class. I think I can throw the bubble wrap away.

Ahh, the fun stuff. No, I don't collect cell phones. These are phones that got turned in. But I don't remember anymore which ones work and which ones need to be disposed of. They are sitting there so I can find chargers for them (I have a box of those in my closet) and answer this eternal question. The package of hearing aid batteries I'm trying to find a home for. Just a note, when you send and email to your co-workers looking for a home for hearing aid batteries, be prepared for the responses.

Now this mess is mine, all mine! 90% of my work takes place in this space. Other than the bulletin notebook, most of it probably should be tossed, but I'm afraid to toss some of it (especially all the little notes) because there might be something on it I need. I'll try to get on that.

Last but not morning hot tea, my water bottle that I usually end up getting water on myself when I'm drinking from it but I like the color so I keep it, my candy dish that holds the cinnamon candy which is the only reason most people stop by my office, and the phone that I pull off the desk at least once a week.

So that kids is a tour of where I spend all of my time. You know, I've been working here for 10 years, 8 months, and 12 days and have been sitting in the same chair for just about 10 years and 8 months of that time. I would be curious to know how many hours my buttock has been glued to that chair. I bet more than any other piece of furniture I have ever own.

This has officially been one of my most RANDOM posts ever!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Road Block

I’ve been working at something for quite a while. I gain really good momentum. I’ll be really motivated and have a really positive outlook. And then it’s like I find myself surrounded by brick walls. I feel beat up and tired and loose the ambition I need to reach this goal. So I take a step back until I have what it takes emotionally to face it again.

But here is my dilemma lately…I feel a real sense of urgency to complete the task at hand. It has gone far beyond “want” and is definitely in the “need” category now. But those brick walls are beyond intimidating. I thought I had a plan, but lately I’m rethinking that plan. I’m not sure which route I want to go (actually I don't think I have a route anymore).

If there was ever a time where I needed something to fall into my lap, it’s now. Problem is, I have been relying too much on things falling into my lap. That plan isn’t working anymore. I need a new plan. I’m just having a hard time coming up with what that plan will be. Prayers for a new plan would be greatly appreciated (and the courage to follow through wouldn’t hurt either).

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Look What I'm Up to Now

Check it out! By the way, I don't know how long this video will stay on their site.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I'm Starting to Hate Wednesday

Last Wednesday, my car decided to break down on my way home from work. Wasn't cheap to fix. Today at lunch, I realized I had a flat tire. I took it in to get it fixed and found out that the tread was too low to fix it, so I am having to have 3 new tires put on my car (I had to replace the fourth right before Christmas last year). Any takers on what the repair will be next week?

Seriously, what I have done to deserve this?

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

This Is NOT A Good Sign

I for some reason thought yesterday was Columbus Day. I knew that Columbus day was Oct. 13 and that yesterday was Oct. 6, but I really had it in my head yesterday that it was a legal holiday. I didn't do a lot of things I needed to do. I didn't check my mail. I didn't go to the bank. I didn't put my trash out (and its stinking up my garage since that is where I have to keep my dumpster). I didn't bother to put something in the mail that I needed to. If it weren't for the ad on the TV for Macy's Columbus Day Sale this morning, I wouldn't have been the wiser.

This wouldn't be that big of a deal, but I was really frustrated after my Relay meeting last night (so much so that I didn't get a very good nights sleep), so realizing that I had been a whole week ahead of myself yesterday has caused me to be really disoriented this morning. What can I say?

Monday, October 06, 2008

My New Addiction

I’ve never been a big fan of cold sandwiches. I’ll eat them and deli sandwiches are better than made at home ones, but still they are not my favorite meal. They’re just something I eat when I’m in a hurry. I do though like hot sandwiches, but they’ve always been too time consuming…until recently.

A while back a new friend was talking about how he uses his George Forman Grill to make grilled cheese sandwiches. I laughed at him at first, but then one day thought “hmmm, I should try that”. My GFG is now a permanent fixture on my kitchen cabinet. I have not eaten a cold sandwich in weeks. And forget just plain grilled cheese, I’ve been experimenting. So far I have made…

- Grilled Swiss and tomato with Italian seasoning,
- Provolone and Colby Jack,
- Provolone, Colby Jack and turkey,
- Provolone and turkey,
- Colby Jack and Turkey
- Provolone, bacon, and tomato with basil
- Grilled Peanut Butter & Jelly (this one was kind of messy. The peanut butter melted).

I’m still experimenting and will grill just about anything I can put between two slices of bread. I’ve been thinking about trying apples and peanut butter, but will have to add the peanut butter after the bread is toasted.

Yes, I am easily entertained.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Just Let Me Be

Ugh! I’m having one of those days. It started last night when my car decided that I had not spent enough money on it lately. I won’t go into all of that, but it just started the proverbial ball rolling to what has left me wanting to drown my sorrows/frustrations in chocolate chip cookies (that we have an abundance of right now) and Mexican food. I know, that is counter-productive, but right now I don’t care.