Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stop It!!!

Something/someone is messing with my flower beds in the front of my house.

A few weeks ago, someone pulled up both sets of my perennials. Yes, they were starting to die, but I was waiting for them to die off a little more before I cut them back so they could come back next year. Instead someone took it upon themselves to just pull them out...roots and all. I was soooooo not happy. I planted perennials so that I wouldn't have to replant the flowers every year. Ugh!

Anyway, I recently planted another mum plant in one of the front flower beds (I like mums because again, they come back up every year). A few days later I go out there and something had been digging in said flower bed. This has never been an issue before. While I was outside, I also noticed that my drain from the gutter had been knocked loose, so I went to fix it and noticed something has also been digging in that flower bed. THERE'S NOTHING LEFT TO DIG UP! So I level out the dirt and call it a day.

TODAY I got home at lunch and notice something had created a little dirt mound in my flower bed again. What in the world. Why are my flower beds so attractive all of a sudden. They've forced my hand. I'm pulling out the Critter Rid (the stuff I got to keep animals out of the back flower beds...which ended up being a waste of time because I'm convinced the guys who mow the lawns in my addition had been peeing on my flowers).

To replant to not to replant...that is the question?

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OK Chick said...

Put up fake flowers like my neighbors!