Wednesday, May 30, 2007

We Need to Have a Chat

My man Grant and I need to have a chat because this is not going to do...

He's about to get demoted from his Random "Celebrity" Crush status. (There is a post about this somewhere, but I don't feel like looking for it to link to it. You can search if you're curious enough).

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Rain, rain, go away. Come again some other day. Saturday afternoon would be fine. Relay for Life is this weekend and the forecast is questionable. I REALLY need it to stop raining today and not start again till after the event wraps up on Saturday. We have a back up plan…but I don’t want to use it. I’ve put a lot of work into the way things are this year and I REALLY want to change things. I mean, seriously. We’ve had plenty of rain. Everyone agrees they would like a rain-free weekend, so I don’t feel that my request is selfish. So if everyone would just pray for no rain for a few days, I would really appreciate it.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Not One of My “Brighter” Weekends

I do some dumb stuff sometimes. Mainly because I just get it too big of a hurry and don’t take time to think things completely through. This weekend I had three of those moments (normally they don’t happen so frequently).

First…I needed to go to the bank Saturday morning. It was a busy morning and I was trying to get a lot done. As the teller was sending my receipts back, I got a phone call so I took the receipts out of the tub and left (still on the phone and trying to quickly not be one of those people who annoy me…the ones who talk on the phone while driving.) I get about a mile from the bank when I look at my passenger seat and realize that I drove off with the bank tube. I starting laughing because I felt like such a moron. I turn around, go back to the bank and opt to go inside instead of wait in line again. I’m laughing the entire way into the bank lobby (which was FULL of people). I looked at the teller, she holds out her hand to take the tube, I tell her “I’m such a moron” and she tells me “that’s okay, lots of people do it.” But her face said “you are a moron!” She probably wanted to tell me that, but it probably wasn’t worth the trouble she might get into.

Second…I decided Saturday that my bang were getting too long and I didn’t want to take the time to go get them cut since I’m trying to grow my hair out a little since it was cut too short the last time. It’s just bangs, so I could do it myself. Now, those who know me WELL are probably thinking I cut them too short again. Oh no, wrong you are. I didn’t cut them too short at all. I did though cut myself. I cut right into my hand. I have a nice little “V” shaped cut below my middle finger. It still hurts.

Finally…Sunday morning I was in a hurry to leave for church and had a ton of things going on in my head because of everything that I had going on Sunday afternoon/evening. I grabbed some earrings, put them in and left. Sunday night when I was getting ready for bed, I looked in the mirror and realized I had two different earrings in all day. Both approximately the same size and both required the same kind of posts, but very different earrings. Luckily my hair disguised it most of the day because to my knowledge, no one noticed.

There is a ton of dumber (dumber?) stuff I could have done, but these were the things that made me stop and think…man I’m an idiot.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lizard People

Last night I didn’t sleep too well. I kept having dreams that I was being chased by Lizard People. They were trying to turn me into one of them. The only way I could hide was to hide under beds (they didn’t seem to be smart enough to look under there.) At one point they caught me and were going to try to turn me into one of them by cutting a small hole in my arm, but I out smarted them and showed them the scar where I had a mole removed and told them they had already gotten to me (I just hadn’t morphed yet).

I kept waking up thinking if I laid there long enough and went back to sleep, I would dream something new…but no luck. Just more Lizard People. I was so tired when I got up this morning from a night full of interrupted sleep. And no, I did not eat anything weird and haven’t watched anything that would inspire this dream.

One friend said he’d pay to see the movie and a co-worker found this after my telling him about my dream last night.

Monday, May 14, 2007

I Need Something New to Post

Nothing that has been going on lately is worth writing about. Here have been the highlights:

1) Visit from my cousin and her kids. A lot of fun for me, boring to read about for anyone who doesn't know them. An audio recording of them talking would be entertaining. Very hick. I'll have to work on that.

2) I need new genes. My blood pressure went up all of a sudden two weeks ago, so I'm temporarily on blood pressure meds to get it back down. The doctor thinks a lot of it is stress but ran labs. I got them back last week and my cholesterol is high. It's quite frustrating b/c 95% of what they suggest I do to lower it I already do b/c of my family history. I was hoping I would have a few more years before this would be an issue. Guess I'm going to have to be stricter about it than I've been.

3) I hate buying clothes. This used to be something I loved, but it's just getting more and more frustrating for several reasons A) very limited financial resources; B) can't find pants that fit b/c I'm built weird; and C) can't find skirts that aren't either too short, that fit, or that don't look like hideous on me. Shopping for clothes is just overall frustrating. So for those of you that question my fashion sense lately...get used to it because I've given up.

4) I planted flowers recently and something is trying to dig them up and has killed over half. The same thing happened last year. I tried sprinkling "Critter Rid" but I think I was a little too late...the damage had been done. I've planted these flowers before when I lived in the condo and they were so easy to take care of, but ever since I moved into my house, something keeps killing them. With all the things living out behind my house, it could be anything.

5) Relay for Life is only about 2 1/2 weeks away. Funny how it sneaks up on you. I'm just praying it doesn't rain. We're suppose to have a back up plan (though I'm having difficulty getting that confirmed at the moment), but I don't want to go to the back up plan. Things have actually been going fairly smooth on my end, which has me nervous that it's about to all blow up. Things would go a lot smoother if people would return my phone calls/emails...of course, it might not be them. For some reason this year, UCO keeps marking me as Spam and so I never know if they're aren't getting my message or just ignoring me.

So, that's it for the day (likely for the rest of the week.) Have a good one!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Just Wondering

What does a girl have to do to go to the bathroom around here? I had to go to three different parts of the building before I could find one that wasn't "closed." Sheesh! =o)

Friday, May 04, 2007


If you're going to talk badly about someone via instant messenger, make sure you're not sending it to the person you're talking about. Yes, it's happened again, and the same person. You would think she'd learn.