Monday, May 21, 2007

Not One of My “Brighter” Weekends

I do some dumb stuff sometimes. Mainly because I just get it too big of a hurry and don’t take time to think things completely through. This weekend I had three of those moments (normally they don’t happen so frequently).

First…I needed to go to the bank Saturday morning. It was a busy morning and I was trying to get a lot done. As the teller was sending my receipts back, I got a phone call so I took the receipts out of the tub and left (still on the phone and trying to quickly not be one of those people who annoy me…the ones who talk on the phone while driving.) I get about a mile from the bank when I look at my passenger seat and realize that I drove off with the bank tube. I starting laughing because I felt like such a moron. I turn around, go back to the bank and opt to go inside instead of wait in line again. I’m laughing the entire way into the bank lobby (which was FULL of people). I looked at the teller, she holds out her hand to take the tube, I tell her “I’m such a moron” and she tells me “that’s okay, lots of people do it.” But her face said “you are a moron!” She probably wanted to tell me that, but it probably wasn’t worth the trouble she might get into.

Second…I decided Saturday that my bang were getting too long and I didn’t want to take the time to go get them cut since I’m trying to grow my hair out a little since it was cut too short the last time. It’s just bangs, so I could do it myself. Now, those who know me WELL are probably thinking I cut them too short again. Oh no, wrong you are. I didn’t cut them too short at all. I did though cut myself. I cut right into my hand. I have a nice little “V” shaped cut below my middle finger. It still hurts.

Finally…Sunday morning I was in a hurry to leave for church and had a ton of things going on in my head because of everything that I had going on Sunday afternoon/evening. I grabbed some earrings, put them in and left. Sunday night when I was getting ready for bed, I looked in the mirror and realized I had two different earrings in all day. Both approximately the same size and both required the same kind of posts, but very different earrings. Luckily my hair disguised it most of the day because to my knowledge, no one noticed.

There is a ton of dumber (dumber?) stuff I could have done, but these were the things that made me stop and think…man I’m an idiot.


Karen said...

Good laughs, Stacey.

Luke said...

As long as you can laugh at yourself, or at least let us laugh at you, that's all that matters. Thanks for sharing...

Stacey said...

Yes, I've had to learn to laugh at myself...makes it easier when people are always laughing at you anyway. =o)