Monday, April 20, 2009

Have To Laugh

Murphy’s Law seems to apply to my life. Yet another case in point…

In the last year, I mole decided to take up residence in my back yard. Said mole killed a large portion of the grass in my back yard. Homeowner’s associate will mow back yard, but will not repair grass (not that I really expected them to). Landscapers hired by HOA have decided not to mow in the area where most of the grass is dead, so the un-dead grass is growing tall in spots.

Solution: Buy grass seed and re-seed back yard this last weekend.

Problem: Spent over an hour preparing ground and re-seeding backyard, only to have rain storm (that I was unaware was coming) wash most of the seed into they greenbelt behind my house. Ugh.

Recently, my car has started making a grinding noise. I was tempted to ignore the problem because I didn’t want to pay for car repairs, but I finally realized that ignoring the problem would not make it go away (such can be said about life). So this morning I took the car to the mechanic to find out the problem…which became 3 problems.

Problem 1: Rear breaks needed to be replaced. Thankfully I took it in before it got too bad and it was a cheaper fix.

Problem 2: Windshield wiper fluid sprayer not working (I was aware of this and asked him to look at it). A piece of foil from the bottle got stuck in the hose and clogged it up.

Problem 3: Nail in the tire, and it’s in the side of the tire and broken off. I’m not real sure that was an accident.

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