Friday, May 27, 2005

Things That Creep Me Out

I don’t get freaked out by a lot of things…just mice (especially dead ones), Ferris wheels, and snakes. Noises in the house usually don’t bother me unless they’re really suspicious. It doesn’t bother me to stay in the house alone. BUT I have noticed lately that there are several things that CREEP me out. So, since it’s a slow day in the office (and I was just reminded of one of these things) I’m going to list them for my few loyal blog readers:

1. The Burger King “King”. That thing is just WRONG! I sure hope he doesn’t make public appearances because I might just run for cover! He might have a smile on his face, but I fully expect him to pull out a hatchet and start a massacre at any moment.

2. Ice Cream Trucks. I know this might seem weird to some, but there’s just something not right about a man in a truck chasing down kids. Maybe in the 1950’s the Ice Cream truck was a staple in society, but these days it just screams pedophile looking for a quick get-away.

3. The Journey Land Hallway. You’d have to be familiar with my church to know what Journey Land is, but occasionally I have to take things down there during the week. Our building (which is also where I work) is really scary during the week when there’s no one around and the Journey Land hallway really creeps me out. It’s just this long dark hallway. I walk quickly.

4. Dark Basements. I don’t like to be in the basement with the lights off. I still, to this day, run up the stairs when I turn the lights off in my mom’s basement.

5. When Strangers Know My Name Before I Tell Them. A good example of this was yesterday when I went to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. I walked up to the counter and the tech asked me if I needed help, I told him I was there to pick up a prescription, and he said, “for Stacey _____, right?” This wouldn’t bother me so bad if 1) he always helped me when I went in or 2) I was in there weekly. They deal with enough customers during the week; I sure couldn’t remember everyone’s name. Anyway, instances like that creep me out.
I guess that’s not too many things. I’m sure there are more, but this is what stands out.


Karen said...

I could get you a lot of mice, Stacey... even dead ones. :-)

tams said...

All of those things creep me out a bit too -- especially the Burger King character. Yikes!

Stacey said...

Karen...I know you could get me some mice, but I think I will let you keep them. That's why I could NEVER do what you do!

Tams...The Burger King guy is the worst. The Quaker Oats guy isn't much better, but at least he doesn't move (I just discovered him this week).