Thursday, May 26, 2005

New Neighbor Update

Oh, my new neighbors…will the fun never end? So much has happened since my last update on them, where do I even begin? After the incident with the loud stereo and my talking about it with the landlord, Jeana met one of them (Vick). He was really nice and apologized for being so loud. So, we were good.

Sometime after that (not sure when, maybe a week), I was home one day at lunch and they had their stereo up again. Since I was going back to work, it wasn’t a big deal, except the bass was so loud that it was rattling things on my wall. So I decided to go over there during the day when I was in a pleasant mood instead of waiting till one night when they were keeping me awake and I wasn’t in such a pleasant mood. I could have let it pass, but I just thought it was best to go ahead and establish the fact that they do play their stereo too loud at a time when tensions weren’t high.

So, I walk next door and rang the doorbell. When the door opened, it was all I could do not to laugh. Vick (I soon figured out) opened the door. Vick is about my height and has a build like Drew Carey. Now, that wasn’t what was so funny. What was funny was the fact that Vick had his shirt off, nipples pierced and more hair on his torso than any ape I have ever seen. Not a sight I look forward to seeing again any time soon. So I very kindly explained the situation…that I didn’t mind so much that their stereo was loud during the day because I’m not home and not sleeping, BUT they really needed to turn the bass down because I didn’t want things falling off my wall. They were really nice about it and turned it down.

But bless their hearts, they are single boys and I’ve come to the conclusion that they are, without a doubt, hopefully clueless! For the last week, they have been parking their car out behind their garage (because they can’t get their car in the garage because they have turned it into ½ den, ½ motorcycle storage). Problem is, their depth perception is bad and they end up parking too close to our garage and I have to maneuver my car just right to get out. Saturday, a girlfriend parked her car ½ behind their garage and ½ behind ours. Thank goodness Jeana had already left for the day or I would have been stuck.

This problem seemed to resolve itself this morning though because when I came out, our homeowners association had put a tow away notice on their car. I don’t think I’ll be having this problem any more.

I doubt this is the end of my experiences with the new neighbors, so I’ll keep you posted.


lindsy said...

Is Vick the guy that reminded you of my Relay boyfriend? I HOPE NOT!

Stacey said...

OH NO! Vick's the roommate. But I saw the other guy again the other day and he didn't seem as cute that time. Now the guys at the far end...=)

lindsy said...

Who are they? You need to invite me over more!

Stacey said...

One of them is in dental school and I don't know about the other. They played basketball out behind their garage a lot last summer, but I haven't seen them much this year. Next time they're playing, I'll find a reason for you to come visit. =)

tams said...

Add that to the list of creep-outs: nasty guys living in (and trashing) what used to be your home. It makes me sad.

Stacey said...

Tams...I wish you could see the garage. I really think they've turned it into a den! Who would have thought! =) I would be leary of laying out in the back yard, but they're not tall enough to see over. =)