Monday, February 20, 2006

Weekend Rundown

Spent the evening with Jamie, Elaina, and Melissa playing poker at Jamie’s. First of all, we didn’t play for money. I’m too bad at it to risk losing money I don’t have. I hadn’t played poker in a VERY long time, and really have only played a few times in my life as it is. The girls decided that I don’t have a very good poker face because I kept saying “dude!” every time I didn’t like the hand I had. Also determined that I can’t do color math. I would get so confused when I would try to figure out how to “make change”. I couldn’t figure out green minus blue equaled. I am a little better at Texas Hold’em, but still not great. It was actually a fun evening, despite the fact that my car was covered in ice by time Melissa and I left and the scraper wasn’t cutting it. That ice was just a preview of the weekend to come. Friday night was also the last time I left my house (other than running out to the mailbox on Saturday) till today.

I got up and started taping the kitchen and moving furniture so that I could start painting. That took a lot of motivation. I wanted to get it painted, but it was cold and dreary outside so I was tempted to just stay in bed. But I didn’t let myself slack off and I started painting. The first coat looked like a smurf blew up in my kitchen. I did manage to get very little in places it wasn’t supposed to be (unlike the kitchen cabinet experience). Since I needed to wait 4 hours before I put on a second coat, I only got one coat put on – but that’s okay, I felt like I had accomplished something. Also had one of those reminders that God even answers our silly little prayers, which was good was a good boost of faith because I’ve got some biggies I’ve been praying and the answering of this small request was a reminder that He is faithful and He will answer the others too. Maybe not exactly the way that I would like (like this weekend), but the way that is best.

Saturday night, Andrew, Gregorio and Randy came over and the five of us played games. The boys (well Randy) kicked our butts in Tribond, but we had a come back in Oodles of Doodles. We then decided to play Uno, but we were trying to remember what cards were worth what. My comment was “I’ve never scored playing Uno”. I really need to think before I speak. After getting tired of Uno, we decided to move on to Uno Attack. I have not laughed that hard since the day I spent cracking myself up.

Got up and got ready for church. As I was getting ready, I heard on the news that it was sleeting really bad outside, but so far, no mention of services being cancelled. I was having a serious debate about whether or not to go. I’m so pathetic, but my biggest concern about going was that by time I came out, my car would be covered in ice again and I really didn’t want to scrape it. I’ve decided this is another reason why I need a husband – to scrape the car when it’s covered with snow and ice (the other reason is to do all the handy work around my house I’m too afraid to attempt myself). Anyway, I checked the news one last time before I left and found out services had been cancelled. So I put on comfortable clothes and did something I rarely do…made breakfast.

Since I was trapped in the house for the rest of the day (my driveway is really steep, so I wasn’t about to attempt to leave), I decided to put on a second coat of paint. This turned out to not be as productive as I had hoped. 1) I needed trim brushes and a smaller roller to get in some tight places; 2) the rollers I bought were for medium texture and I really probably needed rough texture because it was taking more coats to get a solid coverage; 3) the color didn’t turn out the right shade of blue. I don’t hate the color, but it doesn’t match my pottery. It turned out to be more of a navy than a dark cobalt blue. I knew the colors weren’t going to be exact, but Jenny and I thought they would at least compliment each other. Turns out they don’t. I’m already going to have to go buy more paint, but my dilemma is, do I try once again to match the color or do I choose a color other than blue and start over. Of course if I do that, I will have to Kilz the wall first. I just can’t win! What’s worse is I kept waking up during the night wondering “what do I do about the color in the kitchen?”

So, I finished painting and decided to crash on the couch and find a good movie. Don’t know how many good movies I found, but plenty that made me cry. I had such a headache by time I went to bed. As I’m lying there wishing my headache would go away, I start to think about things needed to be done first thing this morning – especially since our office wasn’t opening till noon. One of them being calling and postponing the pick up order for our copier since it died and it has to go to the copier hospital. Side note: I could really get used to going to work at noon. I got up, read my bible, took a shower, ate lunch, did some things around the house. Did not feel rushed like I normally do. It was GREAT!

It has been a fairly relaxed day – which I really needed. This week has the potential of being one of the most stressful weeks I’ve had in a really long time. I might post why later, but it seems premature to say anything at this point.

But that has been my weekend. I’m ready for it to warm up. I guess I kind of got my snow day, but I would have much rather it been on a weekday.

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