Thursday, February 02, 2006

Groundhog's Day

Our mail server is down again and I’m running out of stuff I can do. Actually thinking about going home since I don’t feel all that hot anyway. I’d be okay to stay if I had work to do, but since I don’t at the moment, why not take advantage of the fact I fill blah and call it a day? I just might!

Anyway, I was surfing the Net and found this article on Groundhog’s Day on the MSN homepage. Actually pretty interesting. Groundhog’s Day has never really made sense to me anyway. If he sees his shadow, then the sun is out, shouldn’t that make him think spring is here? As the writer explains (and I guess I knew this) the temperature is actually warmer when it’s cloudy (clouds hold in the heat).

I’m actually ready for spring. I’m not a big cold weather fan anyway, and since Oklahoma weather can’t seem to make up it’s mind this year, I think it just needs to call it quits and give us spring. When you’ve had more 60 degree highs this winter than 30 degree highs, you’ve forfeited your right to winter weather. In my book, the only way Oklahoma weather can redeem itself is to give us a REALLY good snow storm. One that keeps me from having to go to work for at least a day or two. And honestly, I’m not complaining about the lack of cold weather. Anything that cuts down on my gas bill is fine with me!

So, happy reading and happy Groundhog’s Day!

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Suzy said...

Very interesting. I often envy hibernating animals as well. Want my opinion...bring on the cold! I need snow and lots of it to calm my allergies down!