Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Work In Progress

I'm posting this in hopes that I won't talk myself out of doing it -- especially after all the work drama this has created (they wanted me to work on Saturday which is a long story and I really didn't want to because I had already sat this weekend aside).

Anywho, I should have taken a very beginning BEFORE picture, but this is my current project, a.k.a. the kitchen. The cabinets used to be a dark brown They were pretty beat up, so I decided painting them would be easier that sanding and staining. So far I think I was right, but "easy" isn't the best descriptive word here. I never dreamed it would take as much work as it did. I started painting them Thanksgiving Day. I finally finished after New Years (I think - around then). I have also painted the mantle/bookcase in the living room and some of the trim in the kitchen (you can't see the blue tape, but it's still there.)

So now, my plan for the weekend is to FINALLY paint the kitchen walls. It won't look like the same place when I'm done, I promise you! I'm excited about finally having some color in my house. What I'm not excited about is taping, taking down the blinds and moving the pie safe (that's the big brown thing). It would be very tempting to not tape or take down the blinds, but if I learned one thing from painting the cabinets, the clean up if you don't is a lot harder and takes a lot longer than the preventative measures.

It will be so nice to actually be able to use all of my counter tops! It will however be a while before this room can be classified as "finished". Seems that painting over my hardware didn't work as well as I planned, so I will have to replace the hinges afterall! And I will be painting the doors as well, but I wanted to wait till spring when I could take them outside. Oh well. So, if all goes well, this is the BEFORE picture and I'll have AFTER pictures soon!


Krista said...

I love painting! If you want any help let me know.

Stacey said...

Girl! Feel free to come by anytime tomorrow! =) It you can't make it then, I'm sure I'll be having a painting party when I start the living room. That's going to be a BIG project!