Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Memorable Valentine’s

I’m not exactly the biggest fan of this holiday. Never have been. I don’t hate it, just indifferent more than anything. Trying to run errands the last 2 days has made me REALLY not fond of this holiday though. I mean, seriously people. They’ve been running Valentine’s ads on TV since Christmas! It’s not like this holiday snuck up on you!

Well, I could go on for days, but all of this Valentine’s stuff has gotten me to thinking about my most memorable Valentine’s Days. In third grade, there was this boy in my class named Brent Bogdanovecz. We’d gone to school together since pre-school, but one day (for a brief moment) I decided that maybe I liked him. My big mistake was telling my best friend who told our gym teacher who shared that info with our whole class. I was trying to cover my bases, so I told everyone it wasn’t Brent, it was Blint. Not too good at covering my bases in the third grade obviously. Well, I thought the whole thing has passed till Valentine’s Day when he signed my Valentine “From Blint”. Yeah, I was busted.

My sophomore year in college, I was on a serious anti-Valentine’s kick and on the calendar in our dorm room put a big heart with a slash through it on February 14 and wrote “death to anyone who gets roses.” Well, one night shortly before Valentine’s Day, I answered my friend Melissa’s phone and got into a conversation about the whole thing with her friend Jeff. He asked me what I would do if someone sent me roses and I told him I would cut all the buds off. On Valentine’s Day, I get a delivery at the receptionist desk. Someone had sent me a dozen long stems, no buds, in a vase with baby’s breath. The card attached had a calendar drawn on it to match my own calendar – but no name. I knew it had to be Jeff, but I wasn’t sure. I thought it was the funniest thing anyone had ever done for me (still my best Valentine’s Day ever). He called me that night to find out if I was mad (which of course I wasn’t), and gave me the scoop. Seem he had gone to get roses for his girlfriend and the florist was making corsages, and he asked her what she was going to do with the stems. When he told her what he was going to do, she felt bad for me and threw in the vase, greenery and baby’s breath. His roommates and co-workers thought he was the biggest jerk, which then made him reconsider what he had done, which is why he called. But I seriously thought it was so funny!!!!

I guess last year deserves honorable mention. Even though it was really awkward time and I really just wanted to get the whole holiday over with, it was the first time I had actually gotten flowers (buds intact) for Valentine’s Day from anyone other than my parents.

All the rest of them were pretty much like any other day (even when I’ve had boyfriends). I seem to attract practical men, not romantics. Oh, and then there was the year I had the chicken pox. That was memorable!!!

This year, Valentine’s is being spent hosting Bible study at my house and frankly, I’m not too upset about that fact. Tomorrow, it will again just be another day.


Suzy said...

That is awesome! I can't think of any memorable ones to share. I can't even think of any grade school ones. That's pretty sad! Maybe one will come to me when I am not feeling the pressure.

Krista said...

Wow...he must have been some crush if you can remember a last name like that. My first crush was this guy named Devon. He was the coolest! Our desks were right next to each other and I kept the valentine he gave me even after I threw all the others away.

Stacey said...

Well Krista, a last name like that is a little hard to forget (plus I have an amazing memory for things like that). I do have to admit, I had to get online and look up the spelling. Luckily at least one of his parents still live in the small town my family lived in at the time. What's funny is that he seriously wasn't that serious of a crush (unlike Newley Hutchison). I just for some reason one day decided I was going to like him - I think just to have someone to like. =o)