Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I'm Still Cracking Myself Up!!!

I don’t know what got in to me today, but I am seriously making myself laugh. My ribs hurt. I keep sitting in my office, just laughing – out loud. Sometimes there is no immediate reason (I am usually still laughing at something I did 30 minutes before) and sometimes it's because of the following email exchange. It all started with my previous post. I told Suzy and Susan to check out my team page before I posted it on my blog and this is what followed:

Stacey: “Okay, I’ve been busy and am just now getting around to actually setting up my team page. Check out my picture! I crack myself up!”

Susan: “Well, Suzy if this doesn't make your day then I don't know what will!!! That is the best thing I've seen ever!!! Who wouldn't want to donate to that beautiful picture!! Now all you have to do is send out those emails!! It really just takes a minute or two!!!”

Suzy: “That is awesome! Really you kind of look like her anyway. I would kill for that waist!!!!!”

Stacey: “I’d kill for her boobs!”

Susan: “Oh my!!! You two have to stop!! That is the funniest thing I've heard in a while!!!”

Suzy: “I just had a thought. Susan we should try and do what Stacey did on our main team page. Get Andrew to be Rhett and Stacey can be Scarlett and we can use other people in the movie as well.”

Susan: “That would be awesome! I really don't know how to do that...if only we had someone with that talent and access to our church directory pictures... Hm.... Think Susan!!”

Stacey: “Hey, if I had pictures, I could probably do it. It would be a crack up!!!!”

Suzy: “I was also thinking that Andrew actually looks more like Ashley Wilkes and not Rhett Butler. Brett could be our Rhett could he not Susan.....get it Brett/Rhett. Come on it was a little funny.”

Stacey: “Oh, brother!”

Susan: “I think it should be Stacey that sticks to the jokes today! No offense of course!!”

Suzy: “Ouch. I'm funny. Dad gum it and people like me. Susan you knew I was fragile today and yet you still felt it necessary to hurt me like that. Like putting the "no offense" disclaimer was going to help.”

Susan: “I only did the ‘no offense’ b/c you did earlier! I know you're funny. That joke earlier was just a little stretch! You are one of the funniest people I know!!!”

Stacey: er

Suzy: “Someone seriously give this girl something to do. I can't see through my laughing tears! Stinking hilarious!!!!!”

Stacey: “I’m so making myself laugh today! My ribs hurt!!!!!”

Susan: “I don't know if I can believe you anymore when you say you're always swamped at work. I know this might be a rare occasion but still!”

Stacey: “It is a rare occasion!!! I’ve been spending all day (besides this) getting caught up. You should see my desk! You can almost SEE my desk!”

From there it went into a discussion about the state of our desks. If laughing is good exercise, I definitely lost a couple of pounds!


lindsy said...

Ok, so I just noticed this post. HAHA you are not going to get Andrew to dress up. The thought of that makes me laugh!!!

Stacey said...

No, we weren't going to get him to dress up, we were just going to put his face on Rhett Butler's body! ;o)

Suzy said...

I just saw this post. That conversation didn't sound as stupid at the time as it does when it's posted for everyone else to read. Did I really say I was fragile? No wonder people were being nice to me.

Stacey said...

Yeah, it probably does sound really dumb if you weren't there, but it was funny. Hardest I've laughed in a LONG time. And, yes you did say fragile. =o)