Monday, January 14, 2008

Things I’ve Learned in the Last Week

Supposedly the reoccurring theme of driving semi-trucks in my dreams lately commonly means that I feel over-worked or I’m carrying a heavy burden. I kind of already suspected this was what I was going to find if I looked it up. In this case, it’s pretty accurate.

Wedding dress shopping can be overwhelming. I gladly helped a friend shop for hers the other night (the last dress turned out to be the winner), but there were so many to choose from and so much to take into consideration. I’m not so anxious to be doing the same for myself anytime soon.

The question “how is it that you are not married yet” is really starting to get on my nerves. I know it’s meant as a compliment, but if I knew the answer to that question wouldn’t it seem reasonable that I would be doing something about it. That question is better directed at the guys I’ve dated if you want an accurate answer.

This website is great. It’s a constant supply of music I like on my computer at work without having to go to all the work of downloading my existing CD’s. Plus it’s opened my eyes to some artists I wasn’t aware of. Thanks to my cousin for recommending it.

When putting away Christmas decorations, it is best to start with the Christmas tree box (at least in my case). It was not easy to put it away with all the other boxes in there…but mission accomplished (at least it’s out of sight).

I have to turn the heat up in my house if I want to get anything accomplished. I can’t get motivated if I’m cold. I’ve been keeping my thermostat low to save money…which is fine if I’m sleeping or watching TV. But it’s way too tempting to climb under a blanket instead of doing something productive if I’m cold. I’m ready for spring!!!

There is something about me that makes random men think that I can’t work the automated postage machine without their assistance. If you’re one of those men, thanks for the concern, but I do in fact know how to work it and if it appears I don’t, you might try backing up and stop breathing down my neck. I get things done a lot faster when someone (especially a stranger) is not looking over my shoulder. But again, thank you for your concern.

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