Friday, January 19, 2007

Mall Observations

Every smelled someone with BO so bad that it stays with you long after you have left their presence? Someone in the customer service line at Penny’s today had BO so bad that two hours later, I can still smell it. I would think it was me if I hadn’t started smelling it till I got there. I don’t know if it was the employee helping me or the woman next to me…but it was burn your nose like acid bad!!!

Speaking of the customer service guy, here is the most irritating experience so far today. I got some pillow shams for Christmas to go with the day bed cover my brother and sister-in-law got me for my spare room. When I opened one of the shams to iron it, I noticed it was coming apart, so I took it back to the store to return it. Would you believe that unless I had it delivered to the store, they were going to make me pay shipping AGAIN!?! It’s not like I changed my mind. The item was damaged. I think if anyone else had been helping me, I could have gotten around that, but it was very obvious by watching this man that he was really short tempered and I wasn’t going to get anywhere.

I did buy a dress today. I got an awesome deal…80% off by time it was all over. It was already 50% off plus I had and extra 30% store coupon. Jury is still out. I liked the dress from what I could tell in the dressing room, but dresses are hard for me to buy because it didn’t look quite right with my white legs and red and white socks. I’ll have to try it on as I would wear it out before I decide whether or not to keep it. I hope it works though…it has cuteness potential for spring.

Another mall observation. Have you ever seen a couple in the mall that just didn’t quite look like they went together? I noticed yet another one of those as I was walking through the mall. I see this guy and think “what in the world is he doing with her?” Of course I’m sure guys I’ve dated in the past have had the same thoughts directed at them. Can’t judge on appearances…but sometimes you still can’t help but wonder what attracted them to each other in the first place.

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Anonymous said...

Bad BO is not good, but two hour old BO is the worst! Hope it didn't linger in your car like that episode of Seinfeld. =)

The A!