Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fortune Revisited

So, I have down time at work again. I don’t like down time at work because it makes the days so slow. Today, I ran out of stuff to do a good hour before I could leave, so I decided to contemplate the items attached to my bulletin board next to my desk. I found the following on my bulletin board:

- A staff phone extension list,
- A cell phone listing
- A cell phone account grouping list (I keep up with our office cell phone accounts which I think it is cruel and unusual punishment to make someone spend so much time on hold trying to make changes to a cell phone account that isn’t even theirs.)
- A paper weight conversion chart
- Bulletin distribution list (that is extremely out of date)
- The label from a ream of paper so I’ll remember what kind I need to purchase next time
- A post it note with a drawing by a co-worker’s daughter when she learned to write her name
- Memos about network connections that I don’t even remember what they go to
- Address and phone number from a paper supplier
- IP addresses for everything under the sun
- A list of people who have a particular program loaded on their computer that 1) we don’t use anymore and 2) half the people don’t even work here any more.
- Names and phone numbers for people that I have no idea who they are anymore or why I have those numbers
- An office birthday list (which is also very outdated)
- A very old “to do” list
- A machine ID cheat sheet so that I don’t have to go look up the number every time I call for service
- And two note cards that I don’t even know what they say on the back or why I still have them (maybe I should read them).

But the most interesting is a slip of paper from a fortune cookie. I look at it every day, but hadn’t paid a lick of attention to what it actually says in who knows how long. So, looking for something to occupy some more of my time, I decided to read what was so important that I saved it on my bulletin board. It read:

“Good things come to those who wait. Be patient.”

Wow. That was definitely something I needed to be reminded of right now.

My life has been increasingly more difficult and frustrating the last couple of years. I’ve definitely been through worse, but there are some elements of the present circumstances that make them more difficult to accept. I’m not going to get into all of that, but I guess I just needed that little reminder to be patient. This too shall pass and I’ll have a whole new batch of challenges to over come. ;o)


Evo said...
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jenn b said...

Girl, you have more patience than most of us could hope to...I'm amazed at your self-control sometimes! I can totally relate on the cell phone thing. I don't miss those days and I swear I'll never use AT&T as my provider after the countless hours I wasted on the phone with them for other people! However, if Cory's iphone obsession ever pans out, I may have to eat those words...or track down that 17 year old kid who can fix the problem for me! ;)

Stacey said...

Tell Cory the only way he gets an iphone is if HE handles the cell phone bill. That's a deal he'd probably be willing to make. ;o)

jenn b said...

No doubt he would, since he handles all that stuff anyway. I don't know if I'd know how to pay our bills anymore if the unthinkable ever occured. How 50's does that sound! But, I know he has some set up automatic and some he still mails...sadly as a former accountant, I'm now completely lost!