Wednesday, September 12, 2007

There is a Very Good Reason for My Lack of Posting

I must apologize for not updating lately, but I have been Miss Cranky Pants lately and it wouldn’t make for conducive blogging. Here are the top 4 reasons I’ve been cranky…

#1 – Sick due to the current ragweed count. I just finished an allergy study today (which is part of the reason I’m sick due to lack of necessary preventative measures) so things should get better b/c I can start taking meds I know will work AND I’m $350 richer.

#2 – Major Burnout…I am in serious need of a job change (yes, I know I keep saying that, but nothing has panned out so far).

#3 – In serious need of some time off (I’ve finally found a way I can take the remainder of my vacation time, but I’m not scheduled for my first day off till the end of the month.)

#4 – Really tired of unsolicited advice/input from people lately on various circumstances that they know very little about. Trust me, if I want your advice, I’ll ask for it (and I don’t do that very often). Stop trying to fix something that ain’t broke, don't judge if you don't know the entire story, and don’t tell me to change something if you don’t have a PRACTICAL way for ME to do it. I would understand if I were doing something that might cause physical, emotional, or spiritual harm, but I'm not. Trust me, other than being annoyed, I'm good.

See, there is a reason why I haven’t posted in a while. =o)


jenn b said...

Hey, glad you're back. I check your blog pretty regularly and have missed reading about your adventures...even though I usually get to hear about them at our weekly lunch anyway! ;) So, sorry if I got you in trouble with Suzy! I didn't mean to throw anybody under the bus, just hated sounding like such a meanie! haha! guess i'm just too sensitive like that! She brought Isaac to school Tuesday and we laughed about it, I really enjoy him. He's a very sweet kid! Sadly, right now, the good ones kind-of go unnoticed due to some of the "others"! ;)

Stacey said...

Nah, you didn't get me in trouble. Based off some of the stories she tells us, you could have some funny Isaac stories of your own before the end of the year. ;o)