Monday, September 12, 2005

Ramblings – The End of Summer Edition

Since nothing that has been going on in my life deserves an entire blog entry of it’s own, here are some of the highlights of my life in the last month.

Six Flags
A few weeks ago, I took Monday off and went to Six Flags with my friend Jenn, her daughter Kayla, and Jenn’s parents. It was the first day back to school for Dallas schools, so it was a great day to go. We never had to wait in line more than five minutes and that only happened twice. Jenn and I did discover that we have gotten too old for Six Flags. We had a blast, but the rides that we used to love really freaked us out this time. You should have seen us on the Sombrero ride. Not long into the ride, we looked at each other and said “this ride can end now.” We saw the word “inverted” on the Mr. Freeze ride and decided against that. Taking Kayla on the Log Jam was the highlight of the day. She loved it and kept saying “again, again”. So, if you ever want to go to Six Flags, I suggest taking a day off and going after Dallas school are back in session.

The Painters
They have been painting our condos lately and the painters really creep me out and they suck! Besides the fact that they painted our front door closed (yeah, that wasn’t fun), but when they painted in our backyard, they tossed all of our pots and anything else on the patio into the middle of the yard, BUT hung my wind chimes back up and moved the grill to a spot that was more in their way than it’s original location. This isn’t why they creep me out (I’m not posting that story), but it is why they SUCK! Oh, Tams! So wish you were still here!!!!

New Lock
I came home Friday at lunch and there was a new door knob and lock on my back door. I’m not sure why this is. Hmm…

My friend, Jilinda, called me Wednesday night and she’s getting married!!! I haven’t met him, but he sounds like a really great guy. His proposal was super sweet and definitely one for the record books. The sad thing is…I’m loosing my Dallas weekend shopping partner. Not that I can’t still go see her and go shopping, just not the same when there is a husband in the picture.

The Allergist
On Thursday, I went to an allergist for the first time. If you’ve never done that, quite an interesting experience. Good thing I’m not afraid of needles because I sure did get pricked with a ton of them. As a result, they determined that I’m highly allergic to cedar, ragweed, two types of mold, and dust mites. This would explain why I get sick at camp every summer!!! Luckily, allergy shots are not deemed necessary at this point. I do though have to shoot all kinds of stuff up my nose several times a day. Also learned that I have a deviated septum and something else up my nose that might need to be surgically corrected – but we’ll cross that bridge later (hopefully much later). I would tell you more, but my doctor was foreign – and though very nice – I couldn’t understand half of what she said. She also wrote down the directions for me on what I need to be doing over the next few months to try to help my allergy symptoms, but she’s a doctor, which means I can’t read her hand writing. I figure that doctor’s office will be hearing from me again.

Another Bombshell
Okay, I’m saving the best for last. If Jilinda calling to tell me she’s getting married wasn’t a big enough shock for my best friend, Tonna, called me this morning to tell me she’s pregnant! The reason for my shock is that she and Kael always said they weren’t going to have kids (though I suspected they might change their minds eventually). I’m so excited to finally get to be “Aunt Stacey!” Okay, I’m still in shock, so that’s about all I can say about that for now.


tams said...

you know what, i wish we were still neighbors too! those were the good ol' days...

i've felt i'm too old for six flags for a while now. i had to go to the one here in san antonio when i interend 4 years ago. that'll do till i die, i think.

congrats to your friends!

Joanna - ur fav sister in law said...

Aunt Stacey! LOL glad you get to be an Aunt. Don't look at Bradley & I! I hope you are having a great week! Sorry about the creepy painters. Hope you make it in to Hutch again soon! Miss ya

Stacey said...

Yeah, poor mom is never going to get to be "grandma". =)