Friday, December 23, 2005

December Observations – 2005

Here are some things that have crossed my mind this holiday season:

1. There is only truly one “Singing” Salvation Army Bell Ringer. Many of you know which one I’m talking about. I usually see him at Wal-Mart on 33rd, but he does move around some. My first thought is always, “what a freak” but at the same time, he’s not too bad and really cheerful. Puts all the other Salvation Army Bell Ringers to Shame. On that same note, I was at Gordman’s Monday night and their SABR was trying, but it wasn’t the same. His two biggest down-falls 1) he can’t sing and 2) he was singing something I think he wrote. Not a Christmas song I have ever heard, and after all my years in choir, I’ve heard and sung them all. If they had an American Idol, Salvation Army Bell Ringer Edition, he would be on the ones who didn’t make it episode.

2. I was so impressed that this year, I had not seen a single decorated car. I really had hope that my fellow Oklahomans had finally realized how STUPID it is to decorate your car for Christmas…then I went to Sonic. There as a Lexis (yes, a Lexis) at Sonic with magnets that looked like Christmas lights stuck to the side of the car. As disappointed as I was, at least I still hadn’t seen a car with a wreath tied to the grill. Of course all hope was lost when I went to Kohl’s and saw as car, sitting in the parking lot, with a very sad looking wreath tied to the grill. PEOPLE!!! Just say NO!

3. I have not once heard the Hippopotamus song this year (except for the day Wanda Neel was whistling it at work). It’s just not Christmas without it. What’s the deal?!?

4. I am a Christmas slacker this year. I’m so sorry to everyone I normally send cards to, but haven’t. For those I usually give baked goods to and haven’t. And for those of you I should have done something for and didn’t. My family is lucky to get gifts this year. Why? 1) I just moved a month ago and I haven’t had the time to do anything and 2) I keep having to write $45 checks to the warranty company because little things keep breaking (did I mention I need to replace a shingle – this might just have to be a episode 1 of the “Stacey’s Home Improvement Video Diary”). By the way, I caulked all my own down stairs windows the other night. I don’t know if I did the most profession job, but the caulking is clear and there is no longer cold air blowing in my window.

5. This really isn’t about Christmas exactly, but I thought it was funny (at least my Aunt Beverly has gotten a good laugh about it). Anyway, when I moved in with Jeana, our condo already had a washer and dryer, so since Suzy had just built her house and needed a washer and dryer, I let her “store” mine for me. Well, what I thought might only be a year or two ended up being five. When Melissa decided to move in with me, she also had a washer and dryer she didn’t want to get rid of, so I just sold mine to Suzy since she was already in possession of them anyway. Okay, I tell you all of this to preface this story… until Thursday, I hadn’t had a washer and dryer in my house. Yes, there were plenty of people that would have let me do laundry at their house, but there never was a convenient time. So, with the exception of going over to Jason’s one afternoon a few weeks ago to wash jeans and towels, I haven’t done laundry in 5 weeks. My Aunt Bev’s comment was, “you have a LOT of clothes!” My response was “No, I have a LOT of underwear.” Some things can be recycled (depending on how long you wore them and what you were doing) – but not underwear. I never really knew how many pairs I had, but I officially have enough to last me 37 days if I’m really desperate (40 if I resort to swim suit bottoms – which 2 former roommates who will remain nameless have been known to do). I know you’re glad a shared, but I just thought this was really funny.

Okay, I’ll spare you any more of my thoughts on life till after Christmas (that’s always eventful). Have a Merry Christmas!

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Suzy said...

Wow...37 days! I don't think I could go a week without making a trip to Wal-mart and purchasing more. That's impressive.