Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Just Wondering

Here is a question for you. Last night at our office Christmas Party (yep, I actually went this year), we got into the discussion about ballerinas and one of my co-workers asked this question “what do you call male ballerinas?” One of the girls at the table responded with “balleriners” which sounded like ballerwieners and we got a good laugh out of that. But what do you call them? Just wondering.


The Anonymous One said...

I have to admit this is one question I have honestly never heard, but cracked up at the answers I found on the internet. Some are not mentionable since they deal with stereotypes of male ballet dancers (which this is one of the answers on the web). But the two most common ones dealt with Russian definitions which were Danseurs or Cavalers. I think I like the Balleriner the best though. Anywaaaay-probably a rhetorical question right? Have a Happy December 8th and a fantastic weekend!

Suzy said...

I know what you call them but I don't think I should post it in case any male ballet dancers read your post.