Monday, August 20, 2007

Analyze This!

I’ve not really had time to post much lately, but I had this dream recently (either last week or the week before that…I don’t remember) and the dream is still sticking with me. I dreamed I was Ugly Betty and someone cut my feet off. And not in a hospital amputation kind of way, but in a hack saw no pain killer kind of way. And the whole dream was in a very flash back kind of way…where you see what happens and then you get snippets about how it all came about (which I couldn’t clearly tell you). But I can’t seem to get the fact that my feet were cut off out of my head. So all you Freud wannabes have at it!

Side note: How many times can one person use "kind of way" in on paragraph? Obviously at least 3...but I'm not changing it.


OK Chick said...

You have weird dreams.

Chris said...

Hmm...I am thinking feat represent mobility...someone is taking that away from you in a crude way. Flashback, happened in the past...was someone in your past keeping you down, or holding you back?