Monday, November 12, 2007

You Might Want to Think Twice

You might want to think twice before drinking out of hotel glasses. Personally, I may start traveling with my own after seeing this. This gives me the heeby jeebys!


EandJTrygg said...

I think the link to the story has expired.

Most of the hotels I stay in nowadays are use disposable cups.

-- Erik

Stacey said...

It might have. Basically, they found that in several hotels (and granted they have not tested every hotel in the country) in more cases than not, they were not actually washing the glasses in the hotel. They were spraying them with some unidentified blue liquid and leaving them in the room as clean...even when they thought they were getting the room ready for new guests. Oh, and in one case, the housekeeper used the same gloves to "wash" the glasses as she did to clean the toilet. GROSS!