Thursday, October 22, 2009


I won’t even beat around the bush. I CANNOT STAND Delilah (you know, the radio show host). Her voice bugs me. Her “oh-so-thoughtful” act (that I don’t buy) bugs me. Her “life is a bowl of cherries” attitude bugs me…it doesn’t feel genuine. And normally her advice/relationship counseling bugs me. If I have the option and I will turn the radio station as soon as I hear her voice. But last night for some strange reason, I didn’t change the station. Maybe because I had a feeling the caller who was requesting a song for her and her fiancée had one of those stories that makes you think “oh brother, where do they find these people.” Whatever the reason…I didn’t change the station.

The caller asked Delilah to pick a song to play for her and her fiancée (remember, she gave Delilah permission to pick the song). The woman went on and on about how great her fiancée was. How he took such great care of her and her kids. In true Delilah fashion, she probed for more information. The caller had two kids. The caller and her fiancée had been together for 4 months and were getting married Mother’s Day of next year. The caller’s youngest child was 4 ½ months old.

Delilah expressed her concerns (I don’t think the girl quite had a counseling session in mind when she called…she just wanted to dedicate a song to her honey for the world to hear). Delilah was already telling the girl to take it slow. To not be so quick to jump in to a relationship. That getting engaged so quickly was a risky thing to do, especially when she was already so young with two children from other relationships. Delilah was justifiably concerned that maybe this girl only THOUGHT she found her knight in shining armor. And when she found out that she and this guy has only been together 4 months and she had a 4 ½ month old child, she flat out told her “so you jumped from one relationship into another”. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but GO DELILAH! She wrapped up her phone call by advising the girl to take it slow and not rush into anything.

And the song that Delilah played for this girl and her fiancée…“You Can’t Hurry Love” by Diana Ross.



Tamra said...

Wow... Kinda makes you want to start your own cheesy radio-call-in show, no?

Stacey said...

Can you imagine if I had my own radio call in show. I would be the Anti-Delilah. ;o)

Alyssa said...

I love your commentary!

Krystal Proctor Maples said...

What I love is that Delilah gives all this relationship advice, and then you find out she's been married like three or four times.