Thursday, May 13, 2010

Its the Little Things That Make Me Happy

Call me crazy, but I’m in love with this thing…

It’s my new washing machine! Isn’t it pretty? I have never had so much fun doing laundry. It’s like I have a new toy. Poor dryer, I don’t get as excited about it.

On a totally unrelated note, but one that deserves some mentioning, this is my latest cookie project.

Frogs, Fish, Flowers & Butterflies for my friend’s Sonshine School Pre-K class. Still working on designs I like for the butterflies, frogs, and fish but I’m pleased enough for something that will be gobbled up in less than a few seconds. ;o)

I’m also still working out the best method (and amounts) for using my decorating bottles. And thanks to my wonderful mother, I now have 6 bottles instead of 3…which helps to speed things up. Now if only the kitchen fairy would swing by my house before I get home.


Ashley said...

Love your cookies! They are so cute!

OK Chick said...

The cookies look good!