Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Another Infestation

I’ve been invaded…again. But this time its not squirrels or raccoons (though fall is coming and it’s just a matter of time). This time it is wasps. Big red and black ones. And they keep showing up in my HOUSE. They seem to be attracted to the kitchen window. Problem is I have no idea where they’re coming from. Usually it’s just one at a time. A few weeks ago it was two. Some meet their demise quickly. Others hear the words “die sucker!” before its all over.

There are no cracks near the kitchen window, so they’re not getting in there. Maybe squeezing their way through the frame of the patio door (another reason why I need new windows). At first I thought maybe it was the fireplace, but I think I would be seeing more if they had a nest in there. Regardless of where they are getting in, it’s annoying. Though granted, they are easier to dispose of than the stuff in the attic. I’m not scared of my kitchen. Attic is a whole other story.

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