Monday, December 13, 2004

The Weekend

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So, this is how the weekend went. The concert Friday night was great, with the exception of the drunk lady behind us that felt the need to scream in a high pitched shrill the entire time anyone one was on stage (no exaggeration). She only took a break during intermission which is when she would, as the girl next to Meredith put it, “reload”. I was deaf Saturday morning.

Some other highlights from the concert would be the “fashion statements” made. My two personal favorites would be 1) the teenage girl in the shiny teal top who literally could not walk in the shoes she was wearing and complaining about how bad her feet hurt. (Honey, that’s why you don’t wear stiletto heels to a concert unless you’re a professional). 2) The lady who looked dressed to “meet the band”. I almost felt sorry for her because you could see the forlorn look on her face that seemed to imply she had realized she would not be “getting lucky” that evening with anyone famous. Jay Leno really needs to hire me to go to country concerts with a video camera and get my commentary on things.

Kudos do go out to the man who sat next to me. He was a BIG guy (a stout version of Grant) yet was kind and considerate enough to always stand in such a way that he would not block my view of the stage. Not all concert goers are that considerate.

Saturday was spent running errands and decorating the tree (see above) followed to an brief excursion to Harrah, Oklahoma to the Harrah Music Hall to listen to a friend’s band play. If you’ve never been to the Harrah Music Hall, a must see for sure. And hey, for $3, it’s a cheap date (not recommended for a first date unless you don’t want there to be a second).

Sunday night I had BK at my house. It was a fun time of fellowship, despite the fact I spent the whole night trying to keep Jayna from stealing my candles on the dining room table (her bag had to be checked at the door). Then there was my little flub up that Tracy has insisted had to be included on my next blog. We were discussing why I wasn’t keen on letting my chiropractor set me up and I was telling Tracy that he doesn’t know me very well because he’s always telling me I need to go to Night Trips to meet guys. “Night Trips” was not what I meant to say…City Walks is what I meant to say. And though I caught myself immediately, I thought Tracy was going to wet her pants on our floor. Probably a “you had to be there” moment, but we got a good laugh out of it.


Grant said...

a "stout version of Grant"? you also left out that at church Sunday morning you had the privilege to sit next to me.

tams said...

wow -- it sounds like i missed out a good time. i was asleep at about 6:45, but i'm surprised i didn't hear all the chaos taking place on the other side of the wall. the night trips / city walk thing cracks me up. neither sounds like a good place to meet a guy, though.

and as a side note -- should grant be allowed to read and post comments on other people's blogs when he's stopped posting to his own blog?

lindsy said...

i agree tams...grant should be banned from all blogs!

Stacey said...

Can it really be counted as a "privilege" when you and Matt had to argue about who HAD to sit by me.

Oh, and the girls might have a point about you posting comments...can't have your cake and eat it too. =)