Monday, October 31, 2005


I get an email today from a co-worker saying “I hope this doesn’t make you mad at (name withheld)” and she forwards me and IM between her and her boss. Here is their conversation:

Secretary says: so, on to the bad news...
Secretary says: your CAP finally broke the color copier
Secretary says: I was up here on Saturday trying to complete them, and it just started shooting out pages that looked almost melted
Secretary says: It got worse and worse, and i finally had to pull all the paper out of the copier to get it to stop
Secretary says: Stacey tells me that we're going to have to pay off this broken copier before we could even propose getting another one, and even at that we might not get approved for the purchase
Boss says: Sorry it's caused such a problem for you
Secretary says: It's a problem for everyone.
Secretary says: We can't make our own color copies any more
Secretary says: ANYTHING in color will need to be outsourced
Boss says: Is it totally dead?
Secretary says: Yes
Boss says: That could have happened with any document
Secretary says: Yes, it could have happened with any document, but typically, we don't print multiple copies of 75 page documents

Here is what annoys me. I just had the copier serviced on Thursday and it was working GREAT – better than it has in a long time. Also, this secretary failed to mention that her child that actually broke the copier, which was why it wasn’t working on Saturday. She’s pushing it off as a copier problem when actually it was a user problem. Even if she didn’t want to mention that her child broke it, all she had to say was “there was a copier malfunction and your job didn’t get printed.”

Granted, I know our copiers can be a real pain sometimes, but she’s making it sound like the machine it completely unusable when that’s really not that case. And I didn’t even get mad when she told me before this IM that her child had broken the copier. I was able to fix it and it told her it was no big deal. But now I’m kind of irritated. Oh well.

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