Friday, January 13, 2006

The Squirrel Has GOT to Go!

I’m sorry, but it’s either that furry woodland creature or me! This waking me up at 4 a.m. thing has got to stop. And this morning was the final straw. I swear he’s (or she most likely) trying to make a nest ABOVE MY BED! I laid there for a good half hour or more just hoping it didn’t fall through the ceiling. I could hear the plaster making these cracking noises and all I could picture was the panic and chaos that would take place if that thing came through my ceiling and landed in my room – or worse, on my BED! I mean, picture it… that thing running in circles, trying to get away and me SCREAMING and trying to get the thing out.

I’m sure you’re reading this and laughing, but seriously, this is a quandary for me. If it was just a matter of putting a trap in the attic – I could handle that. But as Suzy pointed out, it won’t do any good unless I know how it’s getting in and fix the situation. As I have mentioned before, I’m scared of the attic. The thought of doing anything more than poking my head through the opening in Melissa’s closet (which I would have to psych myself up for), freaks me out. I’m pretty self-sufficient and getting good and fixing things myself, but I don’t do attics. It’s times like this that I miss my dad the most. He would be down here in a second and would repair the situation for me. I could ask my brother, but it would be a few weeks before he could make it down and I’m afraid of what kind of damage that “thing” might do between now and then. I seriously need a knight in shinning armor!

Regardless of when and how the removal of the squirrel takes place, I’m getting it on tape because I have a feeling it won’t be without incident!


tams said...

I don't envy you. If it's any consolation, we had a family of mice move into the church building this week. They were also forced out this week, but that's another story.

Good luck with your squirrel situation!

lindsy said...

You better believe I'm laughing at you!!!!
Good luck! :)

Krista said...

Jamie and I have been in a our attic a few times looking for squirrels. I bet we could handle yours as well. We're no Knights in Shining Armor but I bet it'd be funny to get on tape! However, we never actually solved our own squirrel problem. It was kinda fun to hunt squirrels in the attic though.

Mgam said...

This is comedy. Thanks.

Stacey said...

Actually, I'm having problems with my blog, so I'm trying to see if I can log on this way.