Friday, June 15, 2007


Actually there are two “unbelievable” events this week. The first on is that I wore new white pants to work and church on Wednesday and didn’t get a thing on them. That is unheard of for me!

The second I still can’t believe happened…yet I can. I was at Ulta on my lunch hour buying shampoo. An older woman (70’s probably) was looking for hairspray. She find a bottle, reads it for a bit and then I kid you not…proceeded to spray it on her hair (and me thank you very much!) She then sits the bottle down and picks up the one BEHIND it and puts it in her basket! Yes, that’s correct…she didn’t even buy the one she used!!! And employee was stocking shelves when all of this was taking place and she looked as stunned as I did. About a minute later I see the employee talking to a manager about what just happened and the manager seemed to be somewhat stunned too (though I doubt this is the first time she’s seen someone do that). They didn’t appear to confront the woman, which is probably store policy. But seriously…she shouldn’t have been testing it out in the first place, but the least she could have done is taken the one she tested from!

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