Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Laugh-ables for the Day

This morning, when I was getting out of my car, it was raining so hard that I was trying to get my umbrella open. Somehow in the process, I dropped my breakfast in a puddle. It was only toast, but still, it was my breakfast.

A woman came into our office this afternoon looking for help. When Wanda asked her how she could help her, the woman started crying and said she was lost. At first, Wanda thought she meant spiritually lost…they lady was only trying to find Quail Springs Mall.


Luke said...

You need to send some of the rain back this way - Oklahoma isn't supposed to be more lush than Tennessee, that's why I moved here! Sorry about the toast.

OK Chick said...

That is funny. It made me smile.

Stacey said...

Luke, you can have the rain the back. Yes, I haven't had to water my yard, but all this flash flooding business is for the birds!

Lindy, one day all this rain will quit and we can go walking again.