Thursday, December 20, 2007

This is NOT the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I feel I’ve done pretty good keeping Scrooge at bay this holiday season, but today just about did me in.

Because I am doing a little traveling over this holiday season, I decided to take my car in before Christmas and get the oil changed and the tires rotated. My $20 oil change just turned into an $850 one (Tamra, I’m feeling your pain now).

They first called to say that they couldn’t rotate my tires because the steel was showing through on one of my tires (of course it was the cheap tire that I purchased to replace the blown out tire I received on the float trip several years ago.) If that wasn’t bad enough, they told me that all of my struts need to be replaced because they’re leaking grease. One would be tempted to get a new car if it weren’t for the fact that no roommate = less cash flow.

I think what really got me is when I realized that I could replace my stove for half of what I have to pay to fix my car. I guess its better that I found this out BEFORE I took my trip, but it still stinks. I keep telling myself that at least I have a car, and at least I have the money in savings, but I hate taking that much out of savings (of course, that’s what it’s there for). Can you write car repairs off on your taxes? =o)


Karen said...

Sorry to hear of your woes. If it helps you feel better, I had to get a crown last week for $500 and we both need glasses =$600.

Happy holidays!

Stacey said...

Yuck. Yeah, based off conversations I've had with other people this week, I know I'm not in this boat alone.

Happy Holiday's to you too and don't eat anything that will cause you to have to replace that crown! =o)

Anonymous said...

I know it is hard. I am grateful we were able to work things out so I could get a new car. It is fabulous. But oh, the days of not having a car payment.... I miss them already!