Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More "Stuff"

Summer TV Watching
I was so excited for the Season 2 Premier of Army Wives on Lifetime. I love this show and the premier was worth the wait. If you didn’t follow it last season, it’s now on DVD so you can catch up. I highly recommend it.

On disappointing note, I watched the new season of Nashville Star last night. I had always been a fan of this show also and was excited to hear that it had been picked up by NBC now that I don’t get the USA Network. Sadly I was disappointed by the first episode. Somehow the show has lost something…talent being one of those things. The only two contestants that I thought were any good at all were Gabe Garcia and Melissa (don’t remember her last name). They both sounded really good. I’ll probably keep watching it because it’s summer and there is not much else on.

Late to Work
I found this article on MSN this morning. I was drawn to it because I am consistently late to work. Usually not by much, but same days are better than others. Sometimes I have some very legitimate excuses, but other days it’s just plain running behind. And it doesn’t matter how early I get up. I think I just have an aversion to going to work because I have no trouble being on time when I want to be somewhere. I always get up with the intention of being at work on time…that has to count for something.

Not-So-Clean Office
Someone (you know who you are) commented on Sunday how it must be nice to work some place where your office didn’t have to be clean before you left work. Ouch! =o) Yes, I know my office is a mess, but it’s not ALL my fault. I only take responsibility for the area around my computer and half responsibility for the stuff on the credenza behind me. I have so much stuff I have to store in my office and so much junk people put in my office (they think I’m their store room). What’s worse is that I have a closet in my office, but it has a filing cabinet that two other secretaries won’t let me remove because there is stuff stored in one drawer that they claim they need. I have been in here about 4-5 years and not once have they ever gotten into that filing cabinet.

Weird Dream
I know you’re SHOCKED to hear I had another weird dream, but this one is bugging me for some reason. Since I was in High School, I have had this reoccurring theme to my dreams from time to time where I have to marry someone I don’t want to marry. I actually hadn’t one of these dreams in quite a while, but had another one last night. This time though I was marrying someone from my distant past that I’m actually kind of repulsed by because of a dating experience with him. Thankfully in the course of the dream he also decided that he didn’t want to marry me either so the day of the wedding, we called it off. I was really relieved…and for the first time ever in these dreams, I got out of having to marry the person. Hmmm…

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