Thursday, August 14, 2008

Week’s Like This

It’s not any secret that I have been looking to make a career change for quite a while, but I don’t want to change jobs just for the sake of changing jobs. I really want to find something I’m good at and is challenging in a positive way.

Its weeks like this when I feel more motivated than ever to make a change. Weeks where I’ve had about all that one human being should have to take from a cell phone company (I figured it up…I spend on average 10 hours a month trying to resolve company cell phone issues. I’m already past that average so far this month and it’s not even over yet). Weeks when people think you have nothing better to do than to completely redo a bulletin because they forgot to give you an announcement earlier in the week (yes, one announcement can totally mess up a layout). Week’s when last minute seems to be the norm and accumulating comp-time you may never get to take is the only way to get it all done.

I’m having one of those weeks. If I make it to 5:00 tomorrow without a complete melt down, I’ll consider myself lucky.

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