Friday, February 20, 2009

5th Time is a Charm

Yes, after 5 (yes count them, 5) attempts, I am finally the recipient of a valid drivers license.

I got my absolute, falling apart, original birth certificate in the mail today. So I left work for what I hoped was my 4th and final attempt to get a new drivers license. After standing there for about 10-15 minutes, it was finally my turn. When I told the lady what I needed to do, she tells me “sorry, but we don’t have anyone in the office today that can help you with that.”

I wanted to cry. Actually I wanted to bang my head on the desk. I looked at the lady and said “Please tell me you’re joking. This is the 4th time I’ve tried to renew my drivers license this week.” She was at least kind and helpful and said she would call another tag agency to see if they had someone who could help me. They did.

When I asked how to get there, they told me it was on an infamous stretch of road around here that is completely torn up and that I would need to take the access road. When I got to where they told me I would find the access road, it was closed. So I take a detour south hoping I could get there another way. Normally I would, but there was a big road crew truck blocking the way. After calling work and getting a phone number and then calling to get directions, I finally reached a destination that not only was able to help me, but they were nice.

Thankfully, no headaches or run around with attempt #5 and I am now the holder of a valid drivers license which expires in January 2013!!!

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