Monday, October 18, 2010


I know that I have readers that are big coupon people and some that hate them.  I for one don't mind them as long as the person using them has them ready before they check out so as to not hold up the line.  I actually do use them when I have one for something I am going to need, but I don't spend a lot of time searching for them like some do (though realize the benefits if I would take the time).

All of that said, Saturday I went to do some grocery shopping and had a few coupons for some stuff I needed or would need soon and was purchasing before the coupon expired.  There weren't a lot.  Five total.  Had them all together so all the cashier would have to do is ring them up at the end of my transaction so speed up the process for all everyone's sake.  Well, I was busy putting sacks in my cart while the cashier was scanning the coupons, so I didn't watch to see if she scanned them all, but when I saw my total there was a thought in my mind "the total should have been a little less than that" because I saw the total before she scanned them.  But I was in a hurry and figured I just miscalculated.

Well, yesterday it was still bugging me a little (I live on a VERY tight budget so I pay attention to these things) so I pulled out the receipt.  Would you know that she only rang up two of the five coupons.  And though it wouldn't have been a huge would have been about $5.  Of course by yesterday there was nothing I could do about it and really just need to let it go.  But it was aggravating, especially since two of those items I wouldn't have purchased this pay check if it wasn't for the fact the coupons were about to expire and they were for something I would need soon.

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OK Chick said...

Oh man, nothing annoys me more than when that happens! One time, I actually went back to the store and complained.
Target takes $.05 off your total with each reusable bag you bring. I don't know how many trips I've made to customer service b/c they didn't give me my $.05.