Monday, October 11, 2010

Wasp Saga Continues

So I found another wasp in the kitchen when I got home Friday. Since it was becoming obvious that this was one of those things that was not just going to go away, I decided to finally go outside and investigate again. They thought they were being sneaky about their hiding place, but they should have been looking over their shoulder before entering their secret hiding place (though obviously they aren’t too smart or they would have figured out by now that whoever enters my kitchen does not come out alive). While scoping the situation out, I noticed a wasp enter a knot hole in the wood on the side of my house near the window. Then I saw two wasps come out. I have no idea how large their lair is behind the wood, but I found the entrance and that battle began.

I went into the garage and got a can of wasp spray and aimed it at the hole (which was a challenge because my spray is getting old and didn’t spray so well…but was sufficient for the moment.) As soon as the spray hit the hole, wasps started slowly emerging. Wanting to confirm that the spray was working, I stood back and watched…and then it happened. A wasp landed on my shoulder. I couldn’t see him or feel him, but I could hear him. So what did I do? I threw the lid to the wasp spray and ran along the side the house screaming and trying to knock it off. Thankfully I was successful before I was stung, but I lost one of my favorite earrings in the process. So sad.

Deciding that was enough adrenaline for one evening I went into the house…praying that they learned their lesson and hoping that I would not wake up the next morning finding that they had moved inside. They didn’t. And upon inspection the next morning, it seems the spray worked because there were dead wasps on the ground.
I have since found two more wasps in the house (though they were sickly so I put them out of their misery). I’ve caulked every possible crack in or around my windows that I can find and plan to fill the knot hole with expanding insulation this weekend. Still too soon to claim victory, but I think the war may be close to over and I have been victorious. Now if only I could have the same luck with the squirrels and raccoons.

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