Monday, December 13, 2010


I have always believed that there is a big difference between having "bad luck" and making poor decisions that lead to undesirable consequences.  It is actually a pet peeve of mine for someone to complain they have bad luck when ultimately it is a result of a poor decision/planning on their part.  I admittedly have made some bad decisions that have ultimately led to undesirable outcomes, but more times than not I am just a magnet for actual, legitimate "Bad Luck".

My whole life, my brother has always been the lucky one, I have always been the unlucky one.  My family has no idea why this is, but I digress.  I could dedicate several blog entries on my bad fortune (actually I could write a book) but today I'm only going to lament about the current run of bad luck.

I posted earlier about how I was planning on going to back to school.  This has been a challenging process, but after months of researching and going back to the drawing board, I finally found a program that would be most beneficial to me.  I applied, I was accepted, I secured a student loan.  Only thing I was waiting on was confirmation from the school that they would in fact accept my student loan (which I wasn't too concerned about since it was one of their recommended loan resources.)  Since it has been almost 4 weeks and they still hadn't approved my loan, I decided to call and find out what the hold up was and to see if there was anything I needed to do to speed up the process because I can't enroll until they approve the loan.

I called the 800 number on the acceptance letter I received and when the lady on the other end went to enter my information, I couldn't be found in the system.  I gave her the confirmation number.  Couldn't be found.  Gave her my SSN; couldn't be found.  Tried my date of birth.  No luck.  Even tried switching my first and last names to see if there was a mix up.  Nothing.  To that lady's credit, she tried everything she could think of because like me, she could not find a logical reason why my information wouldn't be in their system since I had proof I had in fact been accepted into the program.

So now I wait to hear back from said school to find out what to do next.

And THESE are the days of my life.

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Alyssa said...

I'm sorry...horrible! And frustrating. And I would read your write away!