Wednesday, July 06, 2011

I NEED A Fence Fund

I'm starting a "I NEED A Fence Fund" because of this:

All of this lovely greenbelt behind the houses on my street...

(Ignore my lack of lawn.  I've tried for 3 years to plant grass without success.  Didn't even bother this year due to the heat).

And my neighbors on either side have decided THIS is the acceptable place to dispose of their dead limbs...

(Neighbor on the North)

(Neighbor on the South)

Neighbor on the South has been dumping his brush there for over a year now.  I have tried moving it to the green belt and he only moves it back.  And there is not much I can do because its kind of common area...BUT the weeds are starting to grow up around it the the company that mows our lawns for us (part of the HOA dues) won't mow close to it (can't say I blame them).  Of course, my neighbors don't have to look at it because THEY have FENCES.  So I have decided if you can't beat'em, join'em!  I need a fence so I don't have to look at their mess.  Now how I'm going to PAY for this fence is still TBD, so if you know of any deep pockets willing to part with approximately $500 let me know and I'll send you my paypal address. :o)  Hey, a girl can dream! ;o)


Alyssa said...

I can recommend a good fence company when you get the fund in place. We just replaced 3 sides of our fence due to some crazy large dogs someone thought would be a good idea to own.

Stacey said...

I'll keep that in mind. Thanks.