Friday, July 01, 2011

Jumping Spider?

Came home from work today to find a very dense spider web in the corner of my front I did what I do best...I went and grabbed a can of spider killing spray.  Eventually, the spider eventually came stumbling out of the web looking like a drunk trying to do a field sobriety test.  Felt a little bad, but it didn't last.

But not knowing if I needed to be concerned about this spider, I got online and did a search for "black spiders with white spot on back."  First, most of the sites weren't helpful because they kept posting pictures like this.

I had to put my feet up on the coffee table because I kept feeling like something was crawling up my leg.  **Major Shutter**

I finally found a website that actually showed the full body of the spider and so I'm pretty sure I just killed a female jumping spider.  Not thrilled about the jumping part, but she is on the way to meeting her demise and didn't look like she would be jumping anymore in this lifetime.

But as I was reading about said Jumping Spider, it said this "Jumping spiders are easily distinguished from other spiders by their four big eyes on the face and four smaller eyes on top of the head."  WHO IN THE WORLD IS GOING TO GET CLOSE ENOUGH TO SEE IF IT HAS EYES!?!?!?!  NOT ME!!!!!!!!!


Catherine said...

Yeah, I'm with you on the proximity question: I am also not likely to get close enough to see the eyes. What you really need to learn about spiders is how to i.d. a brown recluse and a black widow. The recluse we could help you with only sometimes. But -- and I'm not kidding -- if you want a tutorial on black widow identification (web, egg sac, male, and female) come on over to our house. This is the "Year of the Black Widow" at our house. We kill, on average, probably 2 per day. HUGE creep-out factor! (Not IN the house, mind you... but still.) So come on over. All other spiders around here are just creepy but harmless.

Stacey said...

In my book if its brown...its a brown recluse. If its black...its a black widow. And I kill all spiders I come within 50 feet of. I have heard that both black widows and brown recluse are worse this year than they have been in a long time.

Catherine said...

I actually understand quite well your feelings on spiders. Not gonna try to change your mind. Very interesting what you've heard about the spider numbers. Tonight our average went up. We went widow hunting tonight and got 19. Yuck.