Monday, November 08, 2004

The Frog Man

Don’t ask me why, but I had some flashback to my younger days this weekend that reminded me of something I think I’ve tried to repress, but probably has a lot to do with why I have the “relationship issues” I have now.

What could be so traumatizing from my childhood that it still haunts me today? Three words “The Frog Man,” a.k.a. Frog Man Eddie or Eddie Ford.

Now I’m not being mean by calling him “The Frog Man.” This was a self-proclaimed nickname. You see, I met The Frog Man at my beloved Silver Maple Camp at the age of nine. For those not familiar with SMC, it has a large pond/small lake that is the home to many water-type creatures – especially bull frogs. Eddie lived for two things – catching bull frogs and professing his undying love for me.

I’m not sure how I became the object of his juvenile obsession, but I would have gladly shared the wealth with any of my female co-campers. Eddie used to follow me everywhere. He would go out of his way to get as close to me as possible. He’d chase me multiple times a day from the chapel or mess hall back to the girl’s side of camp. The cabins were my refuge. He put me in tears so many times that first year at camp that our counselors has to impose a “restraining order” on him. He was not aloud to sit by or near me, but he’d still find ways to torment me.

And this wasn’t just a first year thing. This went on for YEARS! Every year, I’d get to camp and start praying that The Frog Man wouldn’t be there – no such luck. The “chasing” did eventually let up and I developed this amazing skill of ignoring him, but he still continued to be my shadow. I remember on one occasion, we were going on a hay-rack ride and he came and sat close by. The male counselor sitting next to me (yes, I had to have male counselor body guards) reminded him he wasn’t allowed to sit next to me. Frog man responded by saying “I’m not sitting NEXT to her, I’m just sitting close enough to her so I can LOOK at her.” Oh, brother!

I know I should be flattered, but it was creepy. No girl in grade school should have to deal with a “stalker”. And thanks to my early on experience with The Frog Man, I avoided boys a whole lot longer than normal. I’m still not sure why me? I have always been a magnet for guys weird guys (oh, yes, there are more, but we’ll save those for a later blog).

So where is The Frog Man now? WHO CARES! Once I hit my teen years, I started attending another session of camp and was finally free of the Frog Man. Actually the last time I heard, I think he had either joined the army or was in jail or both…I don’t know for sure – something with a lot of structure. I’m sure if he’s in jail, it’s for stalking someone or ignoring a restraining order.


Krista said...

I totally feel your pain. I have the same problem. There are freaks everywhere and I can't seem to get rid of them! Don't make me tell the story about the creepy guy who smelled my hair.

Stacey said...

That's funny. You definately know my pain. What's bad is that when you attract a lot of freaks, it makes you leary of the normal ones for fear they're really freaks deep down!

tams said...

i also am a magnet for odd ducks. i attract some seriously strange ones. i think it's because i'm nice. weirdos mistake niceness entirely too often.

Stacey said...

Well, I've tried the "not being nice" thing and that doesn't work either. I just don't get it. =)