Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Only a select few are going to really find the humor in this, but today’s entry is about Patsy.

Patsy is our Onsite Property Manager. Actually her last name is the same as mine, so we’re pretty tight. She’s a nice lady, but she’ll talk your ear off so you better be prepared to be on the phone for a while if you call her with a problem. And don’t get her started on Bob. She doesn’t like Bob much. Bob is the manager for the Home Owner’s Association (takes care of the clubhouse, pool, etc.) Luckily Patsy and Bob both seem to like me, so I can get things done quicker than some (though I’m still waiting for someone to seal my windows so I don’t have cold air blowing in. Maybe today?)

The reason this entry is dedicated to Patsy is because of an observation I have recently made. For anyone living in The Crossings, you probably see Patsy pretty regularly. She’s always walking through the edition. I leave in the morning…she’s out walking. I come home at lunch…she’s out walking. I come home after work…she’s out walking. Even if I run home randomly during the day…she’s out walking. I ALWAYS see Patsy out walking. She has to be in excellent shape because I think that’s all she does all day. Walk and talk to people she meets along the way.

I like to walk, but I can’t imagine walking all day in that neighborhood. There’s no outlet and it’s not a big edition. There’s not a lot to see. I would get bored, but not Patsy. She’s always out walking.
So if you’re ever in the neighborhood and see a white haired (maybe it’s really light blonde) lady walking around – most likely wearing a visor…That’s Patsy. But don’t bother to try to get her attention. She probably won’t even notice you’re there (she gets very focused when she walks – must be something about the last name).


tams said...

oh, patsy.... she told me once that she walks at least five miles a day. i just can't imagine 5 miles taking 8 hours...but who am i to judge? you can see her miles away -- bleached out hair, visor, and unusually tan skin for it being winter. what a gal...

Stacey said...

I did get my window fixed - finally. Big difference.