Monday, January 09, 2006

Word of the Day

The word for today is STOP!

This goes out to every customer service person I talk to who doesn’t actually take the time to look at the account I’m calling about to realize that yes, there is a problem.

This goes out to the people at ONG who still have yet to send me my gas bill!

This goes out to ever person who walks into my office wanting me to do something that they’re too lazy to do themselves.

This goes out to the postage meter people who failed to mail us our postage meter update, even though I called them last Tuesday to tell them we still hadn’t received it.

This goes out to everyone out there who likes to grip about the way something is being done, even though they didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to put in their input.

This goes out to every person who thinks they are more important than they really are.

This goes out to the wildlife creature who is trying to become a non-rent paying resident. You’re not being sneaky. I can hear you tapping loudly on my wall and I can see where you’re trying to make a hole. STOP! I don’t want to hurt you. Please make your abode in the many trees I have provided for you in my back yard. They are all yours!

Yes, I’m cranky. Yes I’m tired of playing nice only to get slimed in the end! I NEED A SNOW DAY – CHANGE THAT A SNOW “WEEK”! And is a 16 oz cup too much to ask for?!?


Mgam said...

Does this go for people from eharmony too?

Suzy said...

Ok. Maybe you do need a valium.