Friday, July 14, 2006

Another Year of SMC

Tomorrow, I leave for church camp. Once again, I will be guiding and shaping the young minds of teens. Hey, maybe this year I can avoid making anyone cry. Let's hope. Last year was not fun.

You would think knowing that I'm leaving tomorrow, I would be some what prepared. I'm not. I made a packing list a week ago (no idea how complete it is) and I've been piling up clothes that I need to take with me. I haven't really packed yet. I haven't even finished shopping - though I really only have 3 things left on my list and one of them is actually for the house. In all honestly, I should be stressed. Not only do I leave tomorrow and I'm not packed, but my house is mess. Seems like I can't keep the kitchen clean for anything. I probably need to clean the downstairs bathroom too. I have a hard time remembering that one b/c I rarely use it. Most of the time it's to wash my hands.

So as I sit here, I wonder what SMC 2006 will bring. I used to go to camp with all of these "expectations" of what might happen (camp romance maybe - yep never happens). Now that I'm far past the age of camp romances, my only hopes/expectations is that nothing major will happen - that it will be a relatively calm year with a few "classic" camp pranks. I know this probably doesn't sound like too much to ask, but in all honesty, this rarely happens. In years past, we've had anywhere from trips to the emergency room to calls being made to the police. I don't even like to think about some of the stuff I've had to deal with. I used to accuse our director of on purposely giving me the "dysfunctional" cabin. I don't think kids were as messed up now as they were when I was a camper. I never dreamed that the guy who was sent home because he had a shoe fetish and was stealing girls shoes when they weren't in their cabins would seem minor.

I'm praying for a good year. I'm praying to have a positive impact on my girls. I'm praying I don't get sick or die of heat stroke. I'm praying that my cabin is mouse free. I'm praying for the best year yet (though I'm not sure if that's possible without my old counseling buddy, Jill).

So I'm off. I'm sure I will have some story to share when I return in a week. Meanwhile, try not to miss me to much!

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Krista said...

Have fun at camp! I was just reminiscing with friends about old camp songs. It made me want to go back.